Monday, August 29, 2005


Our country's Merdeka is 2 days away.....well lotsa things changed. I'm proud of my country. Tho' with its bad n good stuff, there's still freedom to do things that you are free to do. We're much much more lucky then other countries. Even in Australia, if you want to eat chips n burgers with chilli sauce, you have to purchase them but here, its free, people even waste on them, which is so Malaysian! We are actually a wasteful people, we waste mostly food. Why i say this is becos, if you observe people at buffets or fast-food, most people juz waste! Sometimes, when i go out with frens or families, we'll make sure we finished our food, but others just don't do the same, not that we want them to, they pay with their money anyway, but you feel pity when some countries just starved...
Anyway, since its Merdeka, its a holiday and I'm happy that my country is a peaceful place to stay and i can proudly say that we're the only country who has people of different religion, different background that can mixed in peace. I hope & pray there'll be NO WAR, NO RACISM, NO SEXISM & NO OTHER 'ISM' in years to come, MALAYSIA MERDEKA!

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