Friday, September 28, 2007

Frens get-together @ Eden

Today is friday, wohoo!! I'm was so in the mood to meet people, take pics and blog!! Today is the day i met huby's frens + partner, something that he n i always looked forward to. We're supposed to meet up every year during Ramadhan for sort of a reunion, catching up on things and get crazy making jokes and laugh-out-loud. But somehow we skipped for the past few years.
Alhamdulilah, managed to have it this year. Boy!! it was TOTAL fun!! Huby n me had a blast!! There were 4 couples (3 married couples and 1 couple, belum kawin lagi). 1 couple has 3 boys (the kids were at home) while 2 of the married couples are still honey-mooning. The other couple, well, hope we get to eat their nasi-minyak soon.

At precisely 4pm sharp i left office and head straight home. After a short lepak, refreshes ourselves and head to Subang Parade. Since huby is always the 'event-organiser', we made booking early, that is since last monday. Managed to recce the place first and quickly decided to have the get-together there. We've eaten at Eden a few times before but we've never been to the downstairs's section. We simply love the ambiance (cosy and elegant). Lucky to get reservation too cos the restaurant manager said the place is always packed.

This year we decided not to have in KL hotel cos we're doing it on Friday and there's always massive jam at highways and these guys just dreaded traffic. Glad, they agreed to meet at Eden, Subang Parade. I'm so greatful that all of them turned up!! Despite after-office-hour and 'mengharungi' trafik-jam, they make a point to come, alhamdulilah. 'SA' wasn't feeling too well but she just forget about it and come with her beloved huby. 'GN' took LRT from KL to meet his wife at Amcorp Mall station and the wife 'korbankan' masa dengan menutup kedai dgn awal. Thank you guys!!

The selection of menus and food taste are 'thumbs up'. We tried everything, from their dimsum, prawn fritters, paru masak lemak, pari masak asam, lamb chop, black pepper beef, chicken with plum sos, nasi tomato, bubur lambuk, satay, ulam-ulam range, kwayteow, mee/mihun nyonya curry, pasembor, seafood tomyam, mushroom soup, rojak buah, a few range of keropok and kacang, lotsa kuih, arrays of desserts, fruits, many types of drinks - teh-tarik, airbandung, cincau, ABC, sirap selasih at every table and the list goes on. Memang tak rugi pegi and worth our every cents. Glad the guys loved the place too. Plus the food is just so good, value for money!! Per couple pay less then RM100. They change menus' every week. Starting every Saturday.

Buat gathering kat hotel tentu rugi cos most of the time we're just chatting, laffing, chatting, laffing...sampai sakit-sakit perut and keluar air-mata!! Alhamdulilah, all came before the buka puasa announcement. Huby asked 'GN' to 'baca-doa' before berbuka.

The reason of this get-together is also for huby's good fren who is gona introduce his new gf to us......konon-konon nak mintak blessings n approval from the 'big bro' lah, hehehe. And of course approval from the other guys too. I (no komen)....too early to comment...heh...heh.

Well, everything turns out to be ok. The interview sessions turns out to be a 'merapu' time for all of us, especially with 'GN' and huby's antics. 'AH' also played his part well and his other half is beginning to be good too (thumbs-up guys!). I guess, most of us are just so comfortable with each other just like the good ol' days. Pity the new girl....quite lost too...but we tried to make her comfy with our gila-gila. For us, as long as the guy suka, kita pun kira ok lar. Janji boleh ngam dgn semua orang.

I was so looking forward for this gathering that i managed to pack some goodie-bags for the girls. Inside were many corporate gifts mainly from my office....konon nak promote company skali...hehehe...i mean why not, the company has plenty of gimmicks. Plus i pack some chocolates in a zip-lock bag. Tak sangka pulak the girls were so appreciative and happy to receive it. Huby was so proud of me....hehe....we made a good team!!

Its was total fun and hillarious!! Imagine sesekali jumpa, memang havoc dibuatnya!! Sampai tak sedar that its almost 10pm and most of the tables were empty. The waiters were already clearing the tables. We had to be considerate to one couple who stays in Keramat, KL. So the fun had to come to an end, itupun semua liat nak keluar. By the time we were outside of Eden's entrance, we all had another stop to chat sumore...tak cukup-cukup??

P/S : 'SA' n i do felt sometin is missing. A dear person who's close to our hearts n used to be in this crowd but just cuden b there cos she's moved on. Ada rasa weird sikit lah....tapi apa nak goes on...

One thing for sure, i know those guys enjoyed more cos they've been frens for a long-long time. Since their schooling days to bachelorhood to marriage, for almost 20 over years. Most of the jokes were during their nostalgic time. We didn't mind cos as their spouses, we knew most of their jokes and still laughs at it. Husbands and wives get along fine with each other so well! No boundaries, takda malu-malu atau nak jeles-jeles, purely convenient basis. Since most of us are married, jadi some of the jokes are non-censored larr....lagilah havoc...tapi takdalah sampai vulgar. 'SA' quoted "great food, great crowd, great time" her words says it all!!.

These are real frens, after all these years, they're still the same. We respected each other and we believed in humbleness and being down to earth, regardless of the achievements in their lives. I think that keeps this frenship going strong and intact. Insyallah, harap-harap sampai ke tua nanti.

Next meeting? Hopefully to one of the couple's new crib (SA/AH). They've shifted to their own new house but none of us had the chance to visit their place yet. There have been plans that we all do a 'pot-luck'...hopefully it will materialise. Cos i know we're gona have a blast again!! Or maybe to some kenduri kawin?? Insyallah, with God's will, which-ever comes first.

Tis pic were taken years ago. Most of us so thin n young...gosh!! I took this from my photo album, so its not so clear. If i'm not mistaken its taken in 1998.

2007 pics. Taken after berbuka puasa, when most of the other customers left. D girls with their goodie bag; courtesy of yours truly.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

DQ Merpati

Went to DQ Merpati at Amcorp Mall again. Wanted to get some nice bracelet for myself, maybe rose quarts or jade. I'm now into stones. But i was so in no mood and didn't get anything from it. Whatever that i see that day doesn't interest me. That's one bad trait in me. My moods will overule my interest. If i don't have mood for it, i'll just don't do it.

Huby's fren's wife is so nice. I didn't get myself anything but she end up giving me something. This is the proud owner of DQ Merpati. A nice and sweet lady.

I got myself a unique 'tasbih' made from semi precious stones. Huby also got a gift, a 'butang baju-melayu'. So nice of her.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My Ramadhan this year

This year's fasting month, i'm extra tired.....donno why. For the 14 days of fasting, i only cooked twice. And i only get to fast on the 7th day of Ramadhan....last year oso same...sigh. The rest of the time we just buy from Bazaar Ramadhan or just eat outside. So far i've been to the bazaar at Shah Alam stadium, TTDI and Kelana Jaya SS5. So far, the asam laksa in Shah Alam stadium is superb, cost RM2.50 only but sedap. Otak-otak in SS5 memang tiada tandingannya. And the paru goreng berlada in TTDi is really home-cooked.

During ramadhan, I will leave office around 5pm. By the time i reached home, memang tak sempat cos there'll be a massive jam and everybody is rushing to go back. I would not have the time to cook unless i prepare a day earlier. Sometimes after berbuka, i have to do laundry or maybe do ironing. Altho' we've no kids but time is always scarce. We are now trying to find time to do our terawikh. Mesti buat sebelum habis ramadhan!!

During working days, we eat our sahur around 2am-3am. At the same time we get to watch 'live-terawikh' prayers from Mecca via Channel 1. Usually we'll have burgers or fries or fish-fingers or french toast or simple bread with cheese or cereal. I'm lucky to have a huby who's understanding n just doesn't mind eating simple food...god bless him!

We've already had our break fast in Seremban with my inlaws (1st week), buka puasa at my parent's place (1st week) and buka-puasa at hotel on the 2nd week (which is a must every year). Usually break-fast in Seremban is a heavy feast. MIL will make sure she'll cooked as many dishes and as many home-cooked kuih-muih. Unlike my side, my mom will made simple dishes like Ketam berlada (huby's fave) and mixed vege. The rest my dad and i will buy cos tis the time we'll buy food that we teringin at the bazaar ramadhan. Papa lurves ikan bakar and kerabu, he'll usually buy that and we bought Siput Sedut masak gulai lemak...perghhh....sedap!!

My ramadhan weekends have been a slow one. Went to OU the other day but could not last more then 3 hours....too tired and throat so dry. How to jalan-jalan sumore?? Went to Amcorp Mall to see the flea-market and get some accessories but i end up buying cup-cakes. Sweet Tooth and me shared the same lurve for cupcakes, both of us just couldn't resist seing one!!

Oklah, i'm just too bored to blog more. My brain hasn't been very cooperative & active these past few days. I had to blog cos i wana upload some pics. Selamat Berbuka!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

JM Briyani

Last week just a day before the Ramadhan, our boss invite us for the SOD Team lunch. He suggested that we go for Briyani. So off we went to JM Briyani which is located in Subang Jaya. If i'm not mistaken they have another branch in Tesco Shah Alam. It was not our first time eating JM Briyani but it is our first time eating at Subang Jaya. I can tell you the restaurant was packed with people.

We ordered a few dishes and i must comment that the Ayam Goreng was very good. Its tender and tasty. Most of us had our briyani rice with fried chicken, 'ayam masak merah' or 'rendang kambing'. It is also served with 'dhall curry' and 'acar nenas'. Luckily the service was fast so we had our food earlier. I only fancy briyani mamak so i'm in no position to comment the JM Briyani rice. To me the rice is softlar.

Ah Boss also ordered their 'Tauhu Sumbat' and also 'Pecal'......perhhh...memang sedap!!... I forgot to take those pics. Overall i give 6 out of 10....remember....its becos i'm no fan of briyani johor.....for those who love offence ya..
P/S : I'm not going to talk about the recent Anugerah Era that i went. Firstly because huby n me are not a fan of Era. Secondly, we were actually reluctant to go but becos we got the tickets free from my SIL and she sort of beg/wanted us to go, we have no choice but to go. Thirdly, after they remove Khairil from Era, we planned to boycott it. Of course lar, he's huby's cousin, we have to be bias-lar. Forthly, the show sucks!! Read the review from the newspaper, you'll know what i mean. The only best thing about it is Anuar Zain, yeah, his performance was superb!!

Monday, September 17, 2007


My topic for today is about CATS. No, i don't have a pet, cat but my huby and his family adores them. When i was brought up, my family never have cats cos my dad has sinus and surely cats furs would give him bad sneezes.

I'm not a fan of cats but i like stroking the tame ones. I'm actually scared of the hyper ones. My cousin 'sweettooth' love cats. I remembered them having one chubby furry cat named 'Chiko' (i hope the spelling is correct). Her parents just love him and treats him like one of the family member.

When i got married 11 years ago, i have to get use to my inlaw's house who have them as pets.

Huby's cat name is Tavet. She is actually the daughter to the 'deceased cat' Yoki (the dad) & Sheba (the mom). Everytime we go back, my mom-inlaw (MIL) will start calling for Tavet and she will actually come downstairs and greet us. The amazing thing is when my huby prays in the room and Tavet is there, she will just sit behind huby and wait for him to finish his prayers. When my huby finished, she will expect him to pick her up and play or just stroke or maybe talk to her and she'll satisfaction!! MIL said she'll only be around the house when huby is at home, if not, she'll just go out and wonder and only comes back home at nite to sleep. If we're at the dining hall or the main hall having conversation, she'll make sure she'll sit just next to huby's manja. Just few weeks ago, Tavet brought back a dead lizard, thinking she wanna share it with huby. But huby told her, 'no, if you wanna come into the house, don't bring in the lizard'....wah.....for all you know, she actually threw the lizard away and comes into the house without it.

All my 3 sister-inlaws (SIL) lurve cats. There is one time one SIL was driving and saw a kitten stranded on the road. She stopped her car, pick the cat up and bring it home. They name her, Emot (actually short for 'Comot'). Her colour is sort of out of place hence the name. They call her the 'street-cat' cos she eats everything. She licks from the empty plate of 'masak lemak cili-api' and also the empty plate of 'sago gula melaka' tell me what cat does that??

Another SIL (mind you, she's an SPCA member) also did the same, they name him 'Glowie'.....he was the most favourite among all the cats. I said favourite because he sleeps with MIL. And when he is sick, they bring him to the vet and make sure that they feed him medicines as prescribed by the doctor. But then they also bring all the cats to the vet when they're sick or had an accident.

Unfortunately after 2 years, Glowie disappeared. MIL is so sad, hoping that one day he'll come back but till today, there is no sign of him. We wonder what happened to him. Too bad i didn't get the chance to capture his pic.

Another cat that SIL rescued is 'Dedek' (short for Adek). She's a pure breed siamese cat. She's of course the proud cat who actually slaps any cat that comes her way....(hello, even the senior cat are not spared).

Senior cats in the house are left with Miki (she's a granny) and Tavet. Miki actually outlived the rest who has come and gone. Miki belongs to another SIL. She brought Miki back to Seremban when she shifted from KL. Miki is always on her own, never bothers anybody, just eat and sleep. She do not like to be carried. She's more of a loner. We think probably cos she's old and tired.

Last nite when i went back to MIL house, i took the opportunity to take some of their pic for my blog collection. I'm no expert in cats but i know everytime you stroke a cat, you heart will soothe and you actually feels peaceful and relaxed.
All About Cats
A Cat that is a gemstone....Cateye
A Cat that is sleeping .... Catnap
A Cat that is a descriptive sales tool.... Catalogue
A Cat that is a walkway....Catwalk
A Cat that could sail.......Catamaran
A Cat that is partially blind.....Cataract
A Cat that whistles cheekly.....Cat-call
A Cat that is thrown suddenly with a force....Catapult

Friday, September 14, 2007

Recce of One World Hotel

This week we've got an invitation from One World Hotel for hotel inspection. All PAs were invited but only 9 of us went. Once you've entered the lobby, you'll be amazed of its huge size. And when you look up the ceiling, its unique chandelier lightings which changes colour.

Its was a half and hour tour. I must comment that One World Hotel is a grand hotel. Of course, when you are new, you have the advantage of new stuff and new hotels get to outdo other hotels, so surely their furnitures and other fittings are the most latest in designs, etc.

We were taken to see 2 types of suites (Junior Suite and Executive Suite). They use a 32inches flat screen LCD TV. For the Executive Suite, (32" and 42" LCD in every room) they have a big bathroom plus 2 sink for him and her, a living room and a kitchenet.

Next was the Ballroom and meeting rooms.......wat can i say?? They've got a majestic Grand ballroom....really GRAND layout. Other meeting rooms used the most modern chairs (unlike normal banquet chairs in other 5 star hotels) and the way they set up the coffee-break facilities are just so fantastic!! Plus state-of-the-art audio visual equipment.

The pool have nice landscape and water feature. A fully equipped gym with good workout machines.

We were told that the Chinese Restaurant, Zuan Yuan is non-halal and they have a nice ambience. But the best have yet to come.....check out the Japanese Restaurant, Kura - its halal and you've got to eat at this place man!! I think its the biggest eatary place in One World Hotel. There are so many choices of place you wanna sit. You guys gotta check it out yourself.

Last but not least is the restaurant, Cinnamon. We had our lunch there, its an open kitchen concept which also includes a garden terrace for al-fresco dining surrounded by water feature in a contemporary setting. They have arrays of (my fave) desserts. Beside their local and the international includes Japanese, Indian and Chinese. I especially lurve the 'lok-lok'....seafood skewer were just delicious...apalagi ada Cod Fish....perhhh...lagi best!!! I went for the Chocolate Fountain.....mmmmm....marshmellow dipped in chocolate....and i must say they use a good quality chocolate....(only a chocoholic person can tell whether the chocolate is of good grade or not...hehehehe). Overall, the dishes there were just good. I must bring huby for hi-tea or lunch after the Ramadhan. We only check it out but didn't get the chance to eat there just yet.
Its a tiring day but a worthwile recce indeed! Photos below : Ladies rules!!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Atilia at Nikko Hotel

Last saturday nite. Before leaving for Genting, huby n me went to KL for dinner. Later we decided to drop by Nikko Hotel. Reason being wanna see Atilia perform at the lounge.

FLASH BACK.....on the same morning, huby read in newspaper and saw a small article that mentioned Atilia will be performing Jazz at Nikko Hotel.

Its was a clear case of mistaken identity. Boy, were we embarrassed!! We walk-in to the lounge and saw a sweet looking girl performing with a pianist. I asked the waitress whether that girl is Atilia and she said yes. I asked her again, that she looked different. Then the waitress asked me, this is Atilia from the Malaysian Idol......!!!!!!

Nevertheless, we both decided to stay (since we're a fan of jazz music) and grab some drinks. Its our first time at Nikko Hotel. While enjoying the music and the beautiful was break-time, Atilia came up to us and introduced herself. She said too bad that she's not the Atilia that we wanted to see. I apologised but she said she's used to it. People mistook her for another singer by the same name.

But i must say (huby agreed), she really got great voice and very jazzy. Its just too bad she's not expose to the music industry. She was in the Malaysian Idol top 10 in 2004. That year, Daniel won the title and Nita was the runner-up.

Atilia is no new comer in the music scene. Her voice is impressive and she captivated the listeners that nite with her endless rendition of both oldies and new favourites. Huby asked whether she knows the song 'Masquerade' and she sang it for us that nite!!

What a sweet and polite person. She felt bad she gave us a 50% discount on our drinks on her account!! Gosh, we're the ones who felt bad!!

For all that nite, its a worth stay. We're definately going to see her again, this time, with frens.

Atilia is rotating her performances with another artist, accompanied by Richard Hoon on piano who is a great pianist himself. You guys felt like listening to some good jazzy and lounge music, go Nikko Hotel.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Peninsula Residence All Suite Hotel

Took the whole family to Peninsula Residence All Suite Hotel in Damansara. We have been passing the Damansara road many times and saw this very cheap hi-tea at the hotel. Thot of trying out the place.

Last Saturday, we had lunch at the so called hi-tea which starts from 12:00pm to 4:00pm. Its a small and quiet coffee-house. There were only main dishes, desserts, coffee/tea, ice-cream and soto, not many food like when you go to other hotel but consolation is their food was quite tasty lar. We all finished our food early and so huby went to the reception and asked whether we can go and see their rooms ...hehehe.
Since the hotel personnel were not that busy, one of them took us to 15th floor and showed us 2 types of rooms. They promote rooms for longer-stay tenant. A junior suite room with the usual small hall, a small but complete kitchenet and a bath with jacuzzi. Lastly we get to checked out their pool.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

My office gym

This is my office gym. Kinda of 'state-of-the-art'. We have a personal trainer named Siva. We can use our gym either 6:00am - 9:00am or from 5:00pm - 9:00pm, plus lunch time from 12:00pm - 2:00pm.

Its a fully equipped gym with fitness machines like treadmill, bicycle, cross-trainer, stomach-crunch and many many more.

We have female/male changing rooms + shower + hairdryer (shower cream, shampoo, baby body lotion, baby powder and even hangers are provided), just bring your own towel....hmmmm wat more do you want?? And they provide us with lockers to store your gym stuff. You only have to be the sports club member and pay rm5.00 per month....where can you beat that!!

We have classes every week, Monday (MTV), Tuesday (Dancing class Latin/Salsa), Wednesday (Yoga), Thursday (Step-Fusion) & Friday (Line Dancing). Last year, i used to frequent the Step Fusion but its been awhile since i last been to gym...hahaha.... Huby always said i got HHTA syndrom when it comes to gym (hangat-hangat taik-ayam, hehehe).
I started joining the Latin/Salsa classes becos my colleagues said it was fun. Our instructor name is Airina and she's from Russia. We don't have to memorise the steps but following her steps and moves are just total fun!! Unlike line-dancing, you have to memorise the steps and then its kinda difficult lar...especially when you have to ensure that you finish the steps sequence in one song....i've tried that before and didn't really enjoy it.

(We are doing the belly-dancing with the 'ring-ring' scarf tied to our hip...hehehe, so that when we shake our booty, the beads makes the 'ching-ching-ching' noise...wohoo!!

This is my gym bag and my gym shoes.

That's all folks.