Monday, September 17, 2007


My topic for today is about CATS. No, i don't have a pet, cat but my huby and his family adores them. When i was brought up, my family never have cats cos my dad has sinus and surely cats furs would give him bad sneezes.

I'm not a fan of cats but i like stroking the tame ones. I'm actually scared of the hyper ones. My cousin 'sweettooth' love cats. I remembered them having one chubby furry cat named 'Chiko' (i hope the spelling is correct). Her parents just love him and treats him like one of the family member.

When i got married 11 years ago, i have to get use to my inlaw's house who have them as pets.

Huby's cat name is Tavet. She is actually the daughter to the 'deceased cat' Yoki (the dad) & Sheba (the mom). Everytime we go back, my mom-inlaw (MIL) will start calling for Tavet and she will actually come downstairs and greet us. The amazing thing is when my huby prays in the room and Tavet is there, she will just sit behind huby and wait for him to finish his prayers. When my huby finished, she will expect him to pick her up and play or just stroke or maybe talk to her and she'll satisfaction!! MIL said she'll only be around the house when huby is at home, if not, she'll just go out and wonder and only comes back home at nite to sleep. If we're at the dining hall or the main hall having conversation, she'll make sure she'll sit just next to huby's manja. Just few weeks ago, Tavet brought back a dead lizard, thinking she wanna share it with huby. But huby told her, 'no, if you wanna come into the house, don't bring in the lizard'....wah.....for all you know, she actually threw the lizard away and comes into the house without it.

All my 3 sister-inlaws (SIL) lurve cats. There is one time one SIL was driving and saw a kitten stranded on the road. She stopped her car, pick the cat up and bring it home. They name her, Emot (actually short for 'Comot'). Her colour is sort of out of place hence the name. They call her the 'street-cat' cos she eats everything. She licks from the empty plate of 'masak lemak cili-api' and also the empty plate of 'sago gula melaka' tell me what cat does that??

Another SIL (mind you, she's an SPCA member) also did the same, they name him 'Glowie'.....he was the most favourite among all the cats. I said favourite because he sleeps with MIL. And when he is sick, they bring him to the vet and make sure that they feed him medicines as prescribed by the doctor. But then they also bring all the cats to the vet when they're sick or had an accident.

Unfortunately after 2 years, Glowie disappeared. MIL is so sad, hoping that one day he'll come back but till today, there is no sign of him. We wonder what happened to him. Too bad i didn't get the chance to capture his pic.

Another cat that SIL rescued is 'Dedek' (short for Adek). She's a pure breed siamese cat. She's of course the proud cat who actually slaps any cat that comes her way....(hello, even the senior cat are not spared).

Senior cats in the house are left with Miki (she's a granny) and Tavet. Miki actually outlived the rest who has come and gone. Miki belongs to another SIL. She brought Miki back to Seremban when she shifted from KL. Miki is always on her own, never bothers anybody, just eat and sleep. She do not like to be carried. She's more of a loner. We think probably cos she's old and tired.

Last nite when i went back to MIL house, i took the opportunity to take some of their pic for my blog collection. I'm no expert in cats but i know everytime you stroke a cat, you heart will soothe and you actually feels peaceful and relaxed.
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Sweettooth said...

I remember a cat named 'Abah' which belongs to Alan's uncle kot heheee. now i pulak dah malas nak bela kucing, my daughter is asking for one but no way she's getting one now. lagi 5 thn ok kot.

Dazzelyn said...

Yes, i guess let the kids besar dulu kot then can teach them how to take care of cats kan...hehehe...