Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My Ramadhan this year

This year's fasting month, i'm extra tired.....donno why. For the 14 days of fasting, i only cooked twice. And i only get to fast on the 7th day of Ramadhan....last year oso same...sigh. The rest of the time we just buy from Bazaar Ramadhan or just eat outside. So far i've been to the bazaar at Shah Alam stadium, TTDI and Kelana Jaya SS5. So far, the asam laksa in Shah Alam stadium is superb, cost RM2.50 only but sedap. Otak-otak in SS5 memang tiada tandingannya. And the paru goreng berlada in TTDi is really home-cooked.

During ramadhan, I will leave office around 5pm. By the time i reached home, memang tak sempat cos there'll be a massive jam and everybody is rushing to go back. I would not have the time to cook unless i prepare a day earlier. Sometimes after berbuka, i have to do laundry or maybe do ironing. Altho' we've no kids but time is always scarce. We are now trying to find time to do our terawikh. Mesti buat sebelum habis ramadhan!!

During working days, we eat our sahur around 2am-3am. At the same time we get to watch 'live-terawikh' prayers from Mecca via Channel 1. Usually we'll have burgers or fries or fish-fingers or french toast or simple bread with cheese or cereal. I'm lucky to have a huby who's understanding n just doesn't mind eating simple food...god bless him!

We've already had our break fast in Seremban with my inlaws (1st week), buka puasa at my parent's place (1st week) and buka-puasa at hotel on the 2nd week (which is a must every year). Usually break-fast in Seremban is a heavy feast. MIL will make sure she'll cooked as many dishes and as many home-cooked kuih-muih. Unlike my side, my mom will made simple dishes like Ketam berlada (huby's fave) and mixed vege. The rest my dad and i will buy cos tis the time we'll buy food that we teringin at the bazaar ramadhan. Papa lurves ikan bakar and kerabu, he'll usually buy that and we bought Siput Sedut masak gulai lemak...perghhh....sedap!!

My ramadhan weekends have been a slow one. Went to OU the other day but could not last more then 3 hours....too tired and throat so dry. How to jalan-jalan sumore?? Went to Amcorp Mall to see the flea-market and get some accessories but i end up buying cup-cakes. Sweet Tooth and me shared the same lurve for cupcakes, both of us just couldn't resist seing one!!

Oklah, i'm just too bored to blog more. My brain hasn't been very cooperative & active these past few days. I had to blog cos i wana upload some pics. Selamat Berbuka!

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