Saturday, October 31, 2009

New girl product that might interest U

I soooo lurve going to Sasa lately...i'll find sooo many new & innovative stuff. Tis product caught my eyes & its really interesting, so i'm game to tryout.

Introducing : Wakilala Britening Essence.

This is a breakthrough product and boasts to have great results to give the underarms a clean look. It contains BHA, mulberry extract, green tea extract, soybean seed extract, jujube fruit extract to produce a peeling wash for the underarms. It works to gently remove dead cells, tighten the pores at the underarms, provides moisture and brightens it.

How to use :
Wash underarms and make sure they are completely dry before applying it. I used cotton-pad to apply d essence at d underarm. You will experience cooling sensation after using it but only for a few minutes. Its not oily at all.

Note – Please do not use it right after shaving.

It is a daily fast whitening and toning product for underarm. Its is said to tightens pore and remove dead skin cell on underarms (I tink i said that oredi). It also reduce sweat & prevent smell from underarm. Product from Japan.

I recommend tis product cos it really works!! :) good.

Friday, October 09, 2009

So Sweet...

All i can say is, its soo sweet of u guys....THX a lot....of course i didn't expect it except that i noticed suddenly our department was so quiet...i was wondering where were u guys...rupa-rupanya...

Its a Marble Cheese from SR. Donno whether its me or wat...but today d cake taste damn good!!!

I was trapped, d girls got me on a 'one to one' discussion with ahboss while they 'sebok-sebok' got get d cake n call d others.

Thx L & all, for cutting n distributing da cakes.

Suddenly, i'm 'sweet 16' again..hehehe...

Lunch was at Eat Workshop, Glenmarie

The usual Soup, Ceasar's Salad, Dory Fish, Salmon, Seafood & Steaks.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Our community work at Kemensah

We left the office at 9-ish to begin our journey to the Kampung Orang Asli in Kemensah. Its one of company's many community work and i'm one of the volunteer. It was an hour trip and the winding road does give me some headache. But once u're out from da car...a breathe of clean fresh pollution at all.

Upon reaching the community hall...there were only a few village people there. Most of them were women and children, it is learnt that the men goes into the jungle to find bamboo and does rubber tapping.

Its a deprived situation lah and its sad seing the people there. We started immediately, works were being divided and we all knew what todo. Tis is one of the free services that we do for the poor, eg. pressure screening, blood test and deworming for the children. Our in-house doctor were there to treat them too.

Later we treated them for lunch which we catered from our inhouse caterer.

And last but not least is the distribution of donated items, clothes, toys and household items. Plus pictures taken with the people there.

We all reached office around 3.30pm and i'm just glad what i did today.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Goodbye September & hello October

Wow.... i personally think September left us very quickly. It is so fast, that the end of 2009 is juz around d corner. I'm feeling very old oredi...sigh.

Anyway, always hoped & pray for the best.