Saturday, October 31, 2009

New girl product that might interest U

I soooo lurve going to Sasa lately...i'll find sooo many new & innovative stuff. Tis product caught my eyes & its really interesting, so i'm game to tryout.

Introducing : Wakilala Britening Essence.

This is a breakthrough product and boasts to have great results to give the underarms a clean look. It contains BHA, mulberry extract, green tea extract, soybean seed extract, jujube fruit extract to produce a peeling wash for the underarms. It works to gently remove dead cells, tighten the pores at the underarms, provides moisture and brightens it.

How to use :
Wash underarms and make sure they are completely dry before applying it. I used cotton-pad to apply d essence at d underarm. You will experience cooling sensation after using it but only for a few minutes. Its not oily at all.

Note – Please do not use it right after shaving.

It is a daily fast whitening and toning product for underarm. Its is said to tightens pore and remove dead skin cell on underarms (I tink i said that oredi). It also reduce sweat & prevent smell from underarm. Product from Japan.

I recommend tis product cos it really works!! :) good.

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