Monday, December 31, 2007

Selamat Tahun Baru 2008

2007 ends so quickly for me. There were so many memories (good & bad/ sweet & sour / happy & sad). I'm sure everyone goest thru it. I hope to be able to learn from it all. A lot of things happened to my families, relatives, friends and colleagues. I guess that's the reality of life plus new experience or challenges that we have to face.

Resolution?? Nope, i don't have any cos if i ever had it, its always best to leave it. I just wanna be a better person, a better wife, a better daughter/daughter inlaw. What matter most is to make the best out of life. I think next year, i gotta watch my food. Maybe cut-down of sweet stuff (i'll try lar) and also be more conscious on food.

I hoped and prayed that Malaysia will always and forever be a peaceful country. I prayed that everyone will be contended with what they have instead of whinning and complaining. Look at other poor countries. Be grateful and thankful of what we have.

And to 2008.....may next year be a better year for everyone in terms of happiness, health and wealth.
Ciao 2007........Hola 2008.....

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

National Treasure: Book of Secrets

Since yesterday was a holiday, bee n me took the opportunity to watch movie. We're so thrilled and excited to watch National Treasure part 2, featuring Nicholas Cage, Jon Voigh, Diane Kruger, Justin Bartha, Helen Mirren & Ed Harris. A production of Jerry Bruckheimer (we're both fans of him). He made great movies....our all time fave!

The movie did not dissapoint us. We saw the 1st one which was good and so eager for the sequal and it is so much better. Highly recommended!! Full of excitements and adventures. Definately a must watch movie before the closing of 2007.

Synopsis. When a missing page from the diary of John Wilkes Booth surfaces, Bens great-great grandfather is suddenly implicated as a key conspirator in Abraham Lincolns death. Determined to prove his ancestors innocence, Ben follows an international chain of clues that takes him on a chase from Paris to London and ultimately back to America. This journey leads Ben and his crew not only to surprising revelations but to the trail of the worlds most treasured secrets.
I would not say much cos you're better at watching & judging it yourself!! Go...go...don't waste time....go watch the great show!! we go again!

PEARL OF THE ORIENT. Yezzz, dats rite! Bee n me went to Penang again last saturday. This time "JUST D 2 OF US". We made prior booking only on 2nd week of December. Actually its either staying 2 nites in Penang town or 2 nites Penang beach hotel. So both of us compromised, we booked 1 nite stay in town and 1 nite stay near the beach. We're used to hotel-hopping, at least we got the best of both world, hehehe.

Making bookings, i can tell u, never-ever make bookings during school holiday especially to Penang can be a hassle!! Yeah...yeah i know...i never learn. We're just trying our luck too. And lady-luck was on our side. We managed to get a nite stay at Dorsett hotel (used to be Sheraton Penang) and the 2nd nite at Hyrdo Majestic Batu Feringhi (used to be Feringhi Beach Resort). We're satisfied with both chosen hotel.

Penang was packed with people as expected. Town was jam but tolerable lah. Thank god, the weather was good, hot n sunny!!

Food, yes, the mission to visit Penang again was cos of the food. Just couldn't get enough of it : nasi kandar, cendol, asam laksa penang, takua rendang, popia, murtabak, sup Hameed, mee goreng Sultan. Memang Penang is heaven for FOOD, not only its cheap, its also tasty. Alas, i dapat pegi jugak pasar malam Batu Feringhi. Seronok lar cos lama sangat tak pi pasar malam tu, macam-macam ada!!

In a way, its an anniversary gift from bee to me i habis hati lar menghabiskan masa yang berkualiti di Penang dgn makan-makan dan jalan-jalan. Terima kasih bee!! You made my holiday!

Friday, December 21, 2007

PA Get Together, Pre-Xmas Lunch & Xchange Gift

Had lunch a Eden Subang Parade for the PA Get Together plus exchange gift. Everyone ordered like we've never eaten for weeks. Everyone of us had the same goal next year, to lose weight.....but by the way we ordered food....!!

After the starter which is dimsum, soup and main dish, i tot everyone is too full to eat but boy! was i wrong. We ordered sumore....dessert....but most of us share lar...1 dessert n 2 ppl sharing.

We all had the exchange gift in Eden at a Private was well organised by the MD's PA and everybody get to go home with nice gifts. L got my gift which was a Marks & Spencer Shower gel, while I get a soft toy... I liked mine!

For everyone who celebrates Xmas, Have a Wonderful Merry Xmas!

Hari Raya Haji

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha to all Muslim!
Raya Eve : For a change i baked a sandwich rasberry jam butter cake (so long the name). Recipe from MIL. Papa actually requested that i make it cos i think he's 'jelak' with my chocolate and butter cakes. So after office, i rushed back and set off to make it....with the help from bee. The recipe makes 2 trays of cake. By 10:30pm, i reached my parents place. Then help taking out plates, glasses and pyrex for next day event.
Aidil Adha : Everyone wakes up early. My parents and bee went for their raya prayers while i stayed back to help out in the kitched. Bro n SIL were in Keramat and only joined after lunch. We had ketupat daun palas, roti boom to be eaten with chicken curry and beef rendang. Mama already prepared simple dishes for lunch. Most of the time mama's sibling will come and visit us. Relatives arrived around 2pm and they stayed till 5pm.

After dinner, we all went for supper at USJ, Aunty R house. I was so looking forward cos i missed her macaroni. After supper all the cousins invited me to play Uno!! Yeah rite!! I was 'on' and cousin F and L were surprise to see my reaction!! Cos they thot i'm a spoil-sport!! Yeah, thanks girls!! So we played till midnite and its time to go home cos the next day is a working day!!

A tiring day but a happy one cos i missed the times when relatives get-together.

Christmas Exchanged Gift

Our SOD champion, M organised an exchanged gift party in the office last Wednesday. Before the exchange, all of us were treated to Inns of Four Season Restaurant in Holiday Villa for chinese course lunch. Its also to celebrate our SD's birthday in advance.

We had the ...same ol' thing....everyone's fave food on the table. We started with hot n sour soup, and the rest of the dishes came together, fried rice, steam cod fish, prawn with quaker oats, brocolli n scallops, crispy chicken and honeydew n sago.

Later we sang birthday song and were treated to the sinful chocolate was delicious.

Back to office, we all went into ah boss's room and put all our gifts. Since i wanna have the mood, i used ah boss's computer to log into 'You Tube' and put on christmas song, Jingle Bell. It did get everyone in the moods of giving...hehehe...

We tag those gift with numbers and everyone draw lots. Those who got their own number have to draw lots again. (That happens to me).

Before we draw lots, we gave our SD a christmas gift which we chipped-in together. Its a tie which his PA bought at Parkson.

Once he opened the gift, we started our exchanged gift.

I got an adorable gift....a teddy bear coin box....i lurved it!! And my colleagues put some money into it oredi...blessed them!!

Ah boss got my gift....a canister and a 'golf-ball' cocoa-vanilla hand-wash.

Everyone with their gifts!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Make Over at Guerlain

I was given an invitation to attend a make-over at Guerlain, Pavillion last saturday. My dearest cuzzy, 'sweettooth' got the invitation from Women's Weekly and hence invited me! I was so ready to go and looking forward for the make-over cos i've been wanting to go to one for quite some time but didn't get the chance.

So here, i'm at Guerlain and my cuzzy coudn't make it. But am happy for her cos she's gotta attend another prize giving ceremony at the Garden's Midvalley (she won yet another great gift). I suppose its a better and bigger event, so better for her to attend that one instead of this one...hehehe.

I reached Guerlain on time cos its stated from 3pm - 4:30pm. We have to fill-in some forms and were given refreshments, a specially made cocktail drinks and finger snacks from Zang Toi cafe. While i mingle with some girls there and get to know them, the Brand Manager, Ms. Stephanie introduced us to the make-up artists, Ms. Jocelyn. There's Ms. Dian who willingly volunteered to be the make-up model.

Jocelyn explained to us the step-by-step on making up our face. 1st of all is to ensure that we clensed our face thoroughly. Later we were told to put on some toners and moisturiser. Then apply eye cream for those who have eye-bag. Then apply make-up base which has an SPF 13 and a concelear to hide some dark spots. After putting in concelear, apply ilumminator to cover the concelear. Then use a powder foundation by using a lighter stroke with brush instead of sponge. Jocelyn showed us how to do up eye-shadow, eyeliner, mascara, blusher and lipstick. Lastly put the finish up by putting on Guerlain famous meteorites powder, for some glowing effects. Walah....its done. The model's face turn out nice.

At the end of the session, we're told to look for any interesting product at the counter before bringing back a goodie bag from Women's Weekly which contain a December issue mag and 2 Guerlain cream products.

I've gain some interesting tips on make-up and i thanked my cuzzy who's given me this opportunity to attend this session. Thanks Nin....opppsss sory...thanks sweettooth!!