Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Gathering at Elaeis Apt

Last minutely bee n i decided to call uncle W and family from Kota Bharu and Anty L n son S from Kuching to our house for tea. We also have to include in Anty M n Co from the KJ house plus cute-cousin F from KJ. Small gathering as the house could only accommodate a handful of people.

Its a tiring day but we have no choice cos anty L is going back to Kuching on Tuesday and Sunday is the only suitable time for us. Imagine the nite before is cousin bro's wedding. Slept late and woke up early to do preparation. Lucky thing i've baked Chocolate Cake and Marble cake a day before. Simple food, i just prepared Lontong (Jawa style - got the recipe from MIL) n boiled instant nasi impit. Bee bought Satay Kajang from TTDI and Anty M is kind enuf to bring mihun singapore.

After setting the tables n bee making drinks, we hit the shower just in time before the clan reached our place. The all reached Shahalam at 4pm. Just in time that i re-heat the kuah lontong and served it. All came including my bro n his wife except my parents who can't make it. Papa were in Malacca as he has a meeting on Monday. After tea, my cousin brother Z and S went for a swim.

Since they usually stay till nite time, i just served them Nasi Ayam for dinner, nothing elaborate as most of them are still full after the tea. Everything is preapared just after maghrib. Lucky thing my anty S's maid was there to help out. I cooked rice and prepared the chicken soup and fry the chicken plus cut out tomatoes, baby cucumber and butterhead (salad). After dinner watermelon and banana was served for dessert. At 10pm, kopi pak sarip and also some tid-bits for supper.

After dinner, uncle W showed us the video that he took at the wedding ceremony. Later we had a teka-teki session. I actually prepared some little/small gifts for some teka-teki session. Its something bee n i used to do when the clan comes down to KL. It was quite fun with the teasing and laughing. Everyone who get to answer, got a goodie-bag to bring back.

Everyone left a few minutes after midnite. But not before posing for the camera! A ritual at our place that just got started 2 years ago i think. A normal pose and a 'free-style' pose like always!



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Sweettooth said...

sounds like fun with a capital "F"!