Wednesday, December 26, 2007 we go again!

PEARL OF THE ORIENT. Yezzz, dats rite! Bee n me went to Penang again last saturday. This time "JUST D 2 OF US". We made prior booking only on 2nd week of December. Actually its either staying 2 nites in Penang town or 2 nites Penang beach hotel. So both of us compromised, we booked 1 nite stay in town and 1 nite stay near the beach. We're used to hotel-hopping, at least we got the best of both world, hehehe.

Making bookings, i can tell u, never-ever make bookings during school holiday especially to Penang can be a hassle!! Yeah...yeah i know...i never learn. We're just trying our luck too. And lady-luck was on our side. We managed to get a nite stay at Dorsett hotel (used to be Sheraton Penang) and the 2nd nite at Hyrdo Majestic Batu Feringhi (used to be Feringhi Beach Resort). We're satisfied with both chosen hotel.

Penang was packed with people as expected. Town was jam but tolerable lah. Thank god, the weather was good, hot n sunny!!

Food, yes, the mission to visit Penang again was cos of the food. Just couldn't get enough of it : nasi kandar, cendol, asam laksa penang, takua rendang, popia, murtabak, sup Hameed, mee goreng Sultan. Memang Penang is heaven for FOOD, not only its cheap, its also tasty. Alas, i dapat pegi jugak pasar malam Batu Feringhi. Seronok lar cos lama sangat tak pi pasar malam tu, macam-macam ada!!

In a way, its an anniversary gift from bee to me i habis hati lar menghabiskan masa yang berkualiti di Penang dgn makan-makan dan jalan-jalan. Terima kasih bee!! You made my holiday!


Sweettooth said...

ahem..ahem...Happy Anniversary to u and hubby!!!

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