Monday, December 03, 2007

Tony Roma's

Haven't been to Tony Roma's before, last friday we had our dinner there. Bee ordered beef with grilled prawns, while i had the norm/boring fish n chips. I coudn't decide on the chicken cos most of the ones in the menus are grilled, i'm not a fan of grilled chicken. We had our meals with the refillable ice-lemon tea. As usual, wanting so much to eat their dessert but no room for it.

Bee said he still prefers steaks from Victoria Station despite trying out many other western outlet. Then we make a founding that the meals at Tony Roma's are exactly the same as the ones in Boston Grill, the taste as well as the presentation.....could it be they're from the same parent company?? hmmm...

Anyway, the nite environment at The Curve is nice, probably cos its friday nite. Nice and with tastefully Christmas deco along the Street.

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