Monday, January 28, 2008

Meet The Spartans

Last saturday i so desperately wanna watch 'Mad Money' cos my fave star, Queen Latifah is in the movie. Unfortunately there wasn't any morning show....we have to watch in the morning cos i have to leave for Seremban after lunch.

And so we picked up any morning show that was available. We decided 'Meet the Spartans' since the billboard looks promising. I couldn't bring myself watching Predators or Cloverfield, not my kind of food. The show starts at 11:50am.....and ends an hour later.

Wanna know my comment? Hahahaha.....a forgetable movie. I don't know 'WTH' i was doing there with hubby. There were a few laughing moments but to me it wasn't good enough. No punch and not much umpph.

The movie is so low grade.....they stole some scenes from other movies and try to make a spoof out of it....the movie also ridicule and make stupidity out of Paris Hilton, Britney and Lindsay Lohan. They have gay-jokes and exploited Carmen Electra. They were 1 or 2 scenes that made us laugh but not enough to make my stomach crunch for a good laughter.

After the movie, i felt just plain empty. My advise, don't waste time watching it! Use the money to go for kopitiam instead. This is my first worst movie for 2008.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New Flea Market in town

A week ago, a friend, M, told me about this new flea market place. She knew that i liked flea market and she said that i should check out this new place. Unfortunately, she could not describe how to go there cos it was her boyfren who took her there. She only mentioned that it is somewhere in Kelana Jaya and near an apartment called 'Crimson'.

I told bee about it and he was also wondering where he heard the place 'Crimson' before. As you all know, this hubby of mine has a built-in radar or GPRS somewhere behind his brain. Two days ago after office, he said he wanna take me somewhere....wah...wat do u know.... its the flea market place that my fren was talkin about.

It has a unique name - "Niu Ze Xui". It's just behind the Kelana Jaya Medical Centre. There is a left turning where you have to go thru a small tunnel. The place is basically very-very new. The building surrounding this place is very nice. Quite a few shops that still doesn't have tenants. But the flea market were more or less completed. Most of the flea sells clothes, handbags, accessories, trinklets, etc. They even have Starbucks and Big Apple. You guys must visit this place, its quite happening. You can find shops that sell blouses at a bargain and with latest designs. You might be able to find adorable handmade lacey stuff there too, eg, tissue box holder, rubbish bins, lamp-shades, etc. Hey, the place quite happening you know. Its a must-go....i think on weekends, the place would be packed.

I'm definately gonna visit that place again. I went for a short visit cos i was too tired to walk as it's just after office-hours.

Thank you honey-bee for always surprising me with new places or things that i loike!

Hop-On and Hop-Off

Today is Thaipusam and i wished all my Hindu friends a Happy Thaipusam day. It is a public holiday and Pak Lah is so generous in giving Federal Territory a holiday too.

Bee and me organised a KL city tour with my parents, bro n sis-in law. After having a hearty breakfast at home, all of us got ready. We drove to Kelana Jaya LRT station and parked our car. Bought a one-way ticket to KL Sentral. Once we reached there we waited at the bus-stop where the Hop-in and Hop-off bus will be stopping.

View from inside of the coach

Petaling Street taken from upper deck of the coach.

The double-deck coach came around 11:30am and so begin our journey for city tour. If you have my-kad (for local people), the ticket price is RM19 for adult and RM12 for senior citizen. They will take you to all the major attraction of Kuala Lumpur. There are about 22 stops and they provide an insightful on-board commentary in English. You can hop-on and hop-off as many times at the various tour stops during the validity of the ticket. You can purchase the ticket on the bus. On that day, most of the passengers were westerners. We hop-on and stayed at the upper deck, the view is great from there. Tis comfy and the aircond is full blast so you wouldn't feel warm altho the roof top is clear.

We took the stopp at the Bukit Bintang stop cos papa wanted to go to Berjaya Times Square. It was quite a walk from Lot 10 to Sungai Wang and finally to Times Square. We had our lunch first before jalan-jalan cos we're already so hungry. Papa wanted to have lunch at Johnny's. After lunch, papa treat us Banana Split each couple.

After jalan-jalan Times Square, we took the monorail back to Sungai Wang (a short journey but mama is tired to walk) and catch the coach back to KL Sentral. The coach made a few stops for a few minutes so that tourists can take pictures. We took the chance too, some pics taken at Istana Negara, Eye of Malaysia and Petaling Street. If only we're not too tired, we would have stop

It was just in time. Once we reached KL Sentral we managed to grab tea at 'Warong Kita'. We had teh-tarik with roti-bakar, cucur udang and some cold drinks. After our stomach has been filled, we took the 5pm LRT back to Kelana Jaya station. It was a long day but it was an experience.

I think we have supported and contributed the country's tourism, hehe. For more inquiry, goto

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Superheroes/Supervillians & Fairy Tales

The above is our annual dinner's theme. Many of us had mixed feelings when the theme was announced to us late last year. What we did wrong is that we as a SOD team should have gone to the costume shop and rent a costume each. Last minutely we decided to wear watever we wanted to wear.

I was freaking out when last minutely i heard that everyone are encouraged to wear according to the theme. Initially i wanted to wear a simple black pants with a black blouse. And then i scouted for a red necklace with a red bangle to suit the attire. After buying all the stuff, there was another announcement from he annual dinner n dance committe that we have to wear according to theme or worst come to worst, buy a t-shirt with a superhero logo on it. I would not wanna buy those t-shirt cos i oredi bought the blouse.

I asked a few people for some ideas, including from dearest sweettooth, she did contributed some good ideas. I oso had to thank bee who patiently took me to places where i needed to find my blouse and accessories.....i can never find a patient and obliging bee like u, thanks a million bee.

Then it just strucked me. Since i'm wearing black, i thot why not i become the 'Black Widow'. She's also a superhero figure in the Marvel comic. She's one of The Avenger's team. Since a black widow is also a name for a spider/tarantula, i thot why not i find a spider toy and wear it as a necklace and put in a 'gothic' make-up and be something scarry or villianish, hehe.

And so begin another quest, finding a toy-spider. I'm telling you it was damn hard. Bee took me everywhere, from Tesco, Carrefour, Giant, Parkson, Jusco, Metrojaya, from Subang Jaya to Puchong to KL area, luck!! We always think that when you want something so desperately, you will not find it but when you least want it, you'll seen it everywhere. We hunt to all the toy's shops that we could tink of and entered all the toy's section in all hypermarkets and supermarkets but just no luck!! What is so difficult to find a rubber toy spider??

I was in a verge of giving up when i finally found a 'Superman' logo necklace at Sunway Pyramid. Dah purchase pun, then frens told me, try and don't give up. One day before the annual dinner and before having dinner at Tony Roma's, i just browse around the ground floor of the mall when suddenly i saw a pet shop......and suddently there was this lightbulb flashing right in front of my eyes. Straight away enter the shop and asked the shop-assistant, "do you have a toy spider?". He smiled and pointed to a section.....i can tell u dat i was so bloddy happy. It's just what i'm looking for!!! I can't believe it myself but it's there!! It was a fridge magnet and it is the only tarantula left!! Apa lagi cepat-cepatlah grab!! I was so happy i called bee to inform him. Kesian cos in the afternoon he was so tired going to some shops to hunt for it!! Once i reached home, i improvised the fridge magnet spider and made a necklace out of it, wallah, its done!

As usual i and some colleagues have to be in charged of registration again. Bee sent me to Sunway Resort hotel at 5pm. I did my own hair and make-up. Yup, i think i looked wicked! Maybe too gothic-scarry kot. Hmm....memang dah lama teringin nak jadi gothic for one day, hehe.

The people are always a sport, there were characters from Star Wars, eg. Amidala, Qui-Gon Jinn, Jar Jar Bing, Princess Leia etc. There were also girls from the Street Fighter and the girls from Sailor Moon. There were of course a few Wonder Women, Cat Women and Bat Girl. The directors were Batman, Wolverine & Storm from the X-men, Ghost Riders, Lara Croft, Trinity from the Matrix and James Bond. We have The Hulk, Poison Ivy, Medusa, Xena the warrior princess, Night Crawler, etc. We also have Hang Tuah & Co and Puteri Gunung Ledang and frens.

There was a competition for best dressed. 1st prize is RM1000 (Hulk), 2nd prize RM800 (Chun Lee, by the way, he's a guy dressing up as a girl!!), 3rd prize RM500 (Night Crawler) while 4th (Superman) and 5th placing will get RM250 (Sailor Moon) each.

That nite's dinner was of course Chinese set course. We have Douglas and Joanne Kam Poh Poh as our entertainer. The dance started at 11pm. I left home at 12:30 midnite. I enjoyed myself that nite.

Tony Roma's with the BA's

On the 2nd day of our conference, ah boss has invited all the branch administrator and SOD dept for dinner at Tony Roma's Sunway Pyramid. There were 12 girls with a guy (our ah boss). He ordered 3 types of apetiser, potato skin, onion ring and fried. mushroom. They're good.

By the time our main dish arrived, i think most of us were already full. Too bad cannot stuff in dessert. However, we must review the restaurant. First of all they took my order wrongly. I ordered Grilled Cod Fish with 2 side dish which is coleslaw n mash but buttered rice n brocolli came with it instead. And then another colleague got her food when most of us has already finished d dishes...poor thing. Later there were a few slight mistakes. We called the restaurant manager and he managed to give a 10% discount from the bill.

Overall it was a good gathering cos we get to catch-up on things and do a bit of bonding.

Company's Conference

Twice every year, the company that i worked with will held a sales conference. Our department are responsible to organise this huge event. There are about 350 employees and by default we're always the organising commitee...takda muka lain. This year L and me get to stay in Sunway Tower hotel cos we have to get to the registration by 6:30am. The session starts at 8am sharp, so by 7:00am to 7:30am, the people started coming in for registration oredi.

January will be the biggest event because it coincide with the annual dinner while the next conference will be held somewhere in June. So u see, we're always on the go, alwasy busy. Once the Jan's conference is over, we have to kick-start the June ones pulak and vise-versa. Usually June's conference is a bit low-key. Its always a 3 full days conference. Only the 1st day is the common session where everybody from all department meet-up for the conference. Other days are only for sales, medical and marketing deparment.

Its not about just organising a normal event, we have to have constant meeting and take into account about the agenda, food, logistics for outstation people, the theme, booklet, nametags, photograpgy/video technical av thingy, entertainment, poa materials, registration and kiosks. Gazillion of things to do man!!

This year's event went off without a hitch....thank god! This is an event where you can meet up with the outstation people. Its time for bonding and catching up stories. I get to meet up with the branch administrators whom we only liase thru the phone.
We'll have sleepless nite before the event and it always feels great when the event get over without a hitch!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Selamat Maal Hijrah 1429H

Selamat menyambut tahun baru Islam. Di harap semua umat Islam akan mendapat hidayah dan petunjuk dari Allah s.w.t hendaknya.

My days were spent over at my parents' place. In the morning, my mom prepared breakfast. By 10:30am, bee, my parents n me were already at Mid Valley. We asked my parents where they wanna go for the break and of all the places in KL, papa requested to go there, sigh...

Just doin nothin, just jalan-jalan and eat. There are so many many people. We took them to Secret Recipe for lunch. Guess what, my parents have never been there before, so its just right timing. Mama all the while thot that they only sell cakes. Papa had Thai Fried Rice, mama had roasted chicken with tumeric sauce, bee had grilled chicken with black pepper sauce and i had grilled chicken with mushroom sauce.

Later we jalan-jalan again and buy some few stuff till 3pm. I guess my parents pun sudah penat. Sent them back and we went back home to rest.