Monday, January 28, 2008

Meet The Spartans

Last saturday i so desperately wanna watch 'Mad Money' cos my fave star, Queen Latifah is in the movie. Unfortunately there wasn't any morning show....we have to watch in the morning cos i have to leave for Seremban after lunch.

And so we picked up any morning show that was available. We decided 'Meet the Spartans' since the billboard looks promising. I couldn't bring myself watching Predators or Cloverfield, not my kind of food. The show starts at 11:50am.....and ends an hour later.

Wanna know my comment? Hahahaha.....a forgetable movie. I don't know 'WTH' i was doing there with hubby. There were a few laughing moments but to me it wasn't good enough. No punch and not much umpph.

The movie is so low grade.....they stole some scenes from other movies and try to make a spoof out of it....the movie also ridicule and make stupidity out of Paris Hilton, Britney and Lindsay Lohan. They have gay-jokes and exploited Carmen Electra. They were 1 or 2 scenes that made us laugh but not enough to make my stomach crunch for a good laughter.

After the movie, i felt just plain empty. My advise, don't waste time watching it! Use the money to go for kopitiam instead. This is my first worst movie for 2008.

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