Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tony Roma's with the BA's

On the 2nd day of our conference, ah boss has invited all the branch administrator and SOD dept for dinner at Tony Roma's Sunway Pyramid. There were 12 girls with a guy (our ah boss). He ordered 3 types of apetiser, potato skin, onion ring and fried. mushroom. They're good.

By the time our main dish arrived, i think most of us were already full. Too bad cannot stuff in dessert. However, we must review the restaurant. First of all they took my order wrongly. I ordered Grilled Cod Fish with 2 side dish which is coleslaw n mash but buttered rice n brocolli came with it instead. And then another colleague got her food when most of us has already finished d dishes...poor thing. Later there were a few slight mistakes. We called the restaurant manager and he managed to give a 10% discount from the bill.

Overall it was a good gathering cos we get to catch-up on things and do a bit of bonding.

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