Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lumut for CNY

It was a short-planned trip & both of us decided to go Lumut for the short public holiday. Such a nice road-trip as there wasn't many cars on the road....traffic were a breeze. People said its gonna be jam...but there's NO jam at all!!

Been quite some time since the last time we both went to Lumut. Not much of changes but the place has been maintained nicely. Its a small town of Lumut but i guess its also a tourist spot as its clean & many places were u can take pictures.

Watching the sunset.....

Didn't do much, juz jalan-jalan & lepak-lepak & makan-makan.

I had a good time just doing nothing & be with my other-half :)

Al-Rawsha Restaurant & Wangsa Walk

Took d whole gang to this new restaurant. We looked up about this place from the internet and the review were promising. We wanted to try something diffrent, instead of going to the same 'ol place. My parents were happy to obliged and my bro wife juz follow suite. Unfortunately for bro cos he was having a stomach-upset cum food-poisoning hence he didn't really get to enjoy the food. He just had mushroom soup.

This place is in Ampang, just behind the French embassy. Its quite far from KJ but its worth a drive.

We ordered Chicken Kabsa rice, Chicken Mandy rice, Salad, Lamb & Chicken Kebab. They were all delicious, non too oily. Its recomended!! My parents said the tea were nice & we tried the bottled drinks from Turkey, which has so many flavour but taste were so-so only. The room that we sat in were cozy & privacy. There were two types of seating, an outdoor and an indoor seating where the latter ones have aircondition.

No. 78 Jalan Damai off Jalan Ampang, 55000, Kuala Lumpur
Rest Tel: 603-2143 9151
Fax: 603-2145 6943

Later hubby & me took my parents to 'jalan-jalan' the new mall in town. The place is quite big, ample parking space but mostly have same retail shops. Later my parents and us had tea at A&W restaurant to quench thirst before we left home.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Tooth Fairy & Dinner

Met our good frens for dinner. Had a fast one at Jack' Place.

Our main orders were shared appetiser, Stuffed Mushroom & Escargot. And each ate main dishes. How do we find d food? It was sorait lah. Tis d company dats important.

We got a 9pm movie ticket to watch Tooth Fairy.....my review....its fairy-fairy funny. It de-stresess me & its a good watch.