Friday, December 25, 2009

Custom made cuppies

Our sales director's b'day was supposed to be on d eve of X-mas but since most of us will be taking our end of the year-hols, we did his b'day weeks earlier.

I helped make orders for his PA. The cake turnout to be very good indeed.

The little details of the buggy, golf-course, etc were so adorable.

We asked her to custom-made it to a golf theme and we're satisfied with the results. Not only its cute to eat but its also GOOD to eat. Its not too sweet & have 3 flavours.

The b'day boy was surprised and didn't expect it, thanks to his thotful PA.

The price is also very reasonable. The baker used to sell at Sub.Parade flea market every weekend and that is how i discovered her. She has a blog and a very reliable person, so can you place your orders without hesitation.

Visit her blog for more details

I missed Bubba & a visit to Otak2 Place

Its been a long time since we last went to bubba. Since i've not been to the SPyrmd branch, bee & i decided to tryout some of their dishes that we've not tryout....??

We shared a starter.....its fresh prawns with their delicious garlic bread....which is very yummy.

And a main dish....can't remember d name...but it has a shrimp & crabmeat filling....and i lurved it!!

Otak-Otak Place

We made a trip to this new place at the new wing in OU. Its our first time there. The menu looks like during our primary school writing book. Its quite unique in a way. It has a nice ambiance, very simple & kopitiam-like.

We juz felt like ordering the local dishes. We had 'nyonya otak-otak' for appetiser. Bee ordered curry mee and i had the asam laksa. Overall, the place was sorait lah.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009


I was very skeptical when the movie came to shore. I don't fancy human looking people that looked like aliens. I mean, aliens should look alien lah....shouldn't look like human rite. Anyways, poor huby, he got to watch Avatar alone cos i wasn't interested.

But reveiws from all kinds of reading materials said it was a damn good movie. Huby also did some persuation and i alas, surrendered.

Boy!! I don't have regrets!! It was indeed a damn good movie. I don't mind watching it again..hehehe...
Good job James Cameron! I hope it topped his Titanic collection.

Twillight Saga - New Moon

D review was quite badly written but yet i wanna go and watch and waste my $$$. But since i've seen the part one...i guess i've no choice but wanna know what's in store in part two.

Personal review : 2 thumbs down......and d movie was draggy..... I juz can't wait for it to end actually...and when it finally ends, there was a feeling of disappointment...sigh...
All they have are some shirtless warewolves (of course their bods do justice!!) and well coiffed & cute vampires...hehehe...

Pisau Cukur d movie

Since the review were so good, i'd thot i'd give it a sometimes must support our country's movie industry lah (if u'd tink its worth watching).

"Pisau Cukur" is about two best friends name Bella (Maya Karin) and Intan (Fazura) who goes on a vacation. During the vacation, Bella searches for a rich husband, while Intan is involved in a murder case of a well known Datuk.....the rest of the story...u guys gotta watch em yourself...hehehe...

My personal review : 2 thumbs up!! Its a light & funny movie. No boring moments & kudos to d director & casts.