Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Off blogging for awhile

I'm taking leave for a 'Cuti-Cuti Malaysia'. Destination : Kuching, Sarawak. Papa especially have not been to Kuching, so we decided to go there again. I've been there with bee on a few occassions.

This year's cuti-cuti Malaysia was supposed to be in KK cos both my parents haven't been there too. But after further discussion and meetings, we all decided on Kuching. Its kinda last minute and its the only date which everyone is available to take leave.

Its a 4D/3N affair. Staying at Harbour View Hotel (Auntie L beriya-iya recommended us this hotel, she said a lot of Semenanjung people stayed there). However, its gonna be my first time doing its 'city-tour' and only meet up with my auntie and uncle during dinner. Hope the trip to Serikin will 'menjadi'....

Have a productive week!! :)

BBQ Chicken

BBQ Chicken is a fast-food joint. Its a new eatery place located at the new wing, just opposite Giant (which has been closed) in One Utama mall.
Saw this place during Ramadhan but had the chance to tryout last Saturday. Had our lunch there.

Nice place lah....of course lah cos its new. (Service is quite slow tho')

Both of us tried their combo. A value for money of main dish and soft drinks. But we ordered an extra dish which is their soup.


Mushroom soup - RM6.00 (Delicious!)

2 pc golden strip, 1 pc original fried chicken wing, green salad, french fries, coleslaw + 1 drink. (RM13.90)

2 pc golden strip, 1pc Korean charbroiled, green salad, french fries, coleslaws + 1 drink (RM13.90)
The portions is very generous and you will be very full after you finished the course. I especially enjoyed its soup and coleslaw, memang sedap!!

At the moment, the combo dishes are at promotion price. I suppose the food is good lar...but i guess we won't be going to this place again. Probably cos the place is not that strategic. But i'm guessing that once One Utama management revamp the area to be an eatery area, it should do well. Since Giant has been closed, it has been replaced by Cold Storage...yahoo!!

Brief meet at Carl's

Met cuzin 'N' at Carl's Jr, Sunway Pyramid. It was a brief meet as i have to attend to some other appointments. We had to meet cos cuzin N had to pass a gift to me. Had early dinner at Carl's and she treated.

I had fish burger.

Cuzin N, had beef-mushroom burger....u r a carnivour!!

Its been a long time since i last ate at Carl's. The fish is good. Babe, thanks for the din-din & gift!

Met wif ol fren but since i've overly excited n everyone is so desperate to update each other, i didn't get d chance to take photos....sigh...

Monday, October 20, 2008

2008 Teambuilding

I had so much fun during our 2008 teambuilding. We had a 2days/1nite stay at Alson Klana, Seremban (not PD...i donno why we're thinking we're going to PD...duh!!). We settled for its famous 'teambuilding' facilities. This year we're not that adventerous, so we settled for the low-course dynamic obstacle.

There were 7 of us in2 cars. Once we reached the hotel, we checked-in and had lunch at its Chinese restaurant. Settled for dimsum. Had their sharksfin. Bee and i used to frequent the restaurant years ago cos they served the best dimsum....but unfortunately, it deteriorated. Some of the dishes are not very fresh and the soup taste one kind too. Noodles were ok.

After lunch we all went to the hotel's greens and started the ice-breaking session. I must give lotsa credit to the facilitator, Ms. Wendy and her team as they were good. We all enjoyed all the obstacles there we're supposed to do. We braved the rain and did all courses successfully.

Later we go up to our room to change cos the next course is to meet at the pool area and build a raft where all 7 of us had to board the raft and paddle around the pool. This is the best of the best. The fun part was building the raft and then paddling it around the pool. At the end of it, everybody jump into the pool with our t-shirts on (altho the hotel strictly said no t-shirt).

I think the highlight of the nite was....chewah, tis one i 'perasan' sendirilah. They gave me a surprise birthday cake. I didn't have a clue. We were all lepaking at the lounge, listening to a 1 piece band playing to our requests and ....came the cake.

2nd day, after breakfast, we had tresure hunt. We're given a map. Firstly we had to find the grid to find the location of the hidden symbol. Once we found the symbol, we had to draw it on the paper given and were given only an hour to finished the course. We got a few good 'sniffers' who's just good at locating the symbol and we passed! Out of 21 symbols, we managed to get 15 right.

Altho on the second day I had a very bad cramp on both of my thigh (due to lack of exercise-lah kan) but i enjoyed the teambuilding very very much. Thanks to M for organising the teambuilding (altho i know she had to go thru our whinings and demands), thanks to L for arranging d logistics, thanks to S for providing transport and driving us there. And thanks to the rest for providing laughter and merry to the group. Of course to our ahboss for tolerating to our needs. Compliments to the hotel for having a nice pool and great teambuilding facilities. I had an awesome time!!

My b'day feast

Eating will be the main agenda on birthdays. Of course eating with bee is a must. And then with my family (but we could not gather altogether, hence its postponed). Had diner at Tram Car with couzin F and Auntie M.

I had the cliche which is the sharksfin soup and barbeque fish. And the food as usual, up to standard n good. Thanks guys for treating us with the lovely expensive dinner.

The rest had mixed of western and locals.

Our next outing will be at Tram Car but they said we eat only local this time. I tried couzin F's Indonesia fried rice and its sedap!!
P/S : Thanks for all the pressies everybody, i appreciate it!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Whats a Kik Kok? I have no idea.....until S said that its nice. Its actually a thin pancake (crispy) and taken with either peanut butter, chocolate, pandan kaya or kaya.

Its like 'kuih-kapit' which is filled with any of the flavours that they're recommended.

This is how it looks like.

You can find it in Ikano, ground floor, at one of the small stalls (opposite the news-stand) and next to the escalator. People are queing up to buy. I liked it! Sweet & crispy thin pancake!

Steamboat at Ketam Village

Have you been to Ketam Village? We've never been there but a couple fren (A&S) wanna introduce us to this place cos they know we liked steamboat.

Where is this place? Its located on the ground floor of Ikano. They served good steamboat and its 'Halal'.

Its bee n my first time. First time experiencing steamboat where you get your own steamboat pot. You can control the heat from your own table too. Order from the menu (set or ala-carte).

They have 2 types of soups too (clear soup or tomyam). Latter one is nicer.

They served 2 types of chillies (green and red) - both are nice!!

Foodies from set to ala-carte.

Thanks for A & S for introducing, we both enjoyed the lunch!