Tuesday, October 28, 2008

BBQ Chicken

BBQ Chicken is a fast-food joint. Its a new eatery place located at the new wing, just opposite Giant (which has been closed) in One Utama mall.
Saw this place during Ramadhan but had the chance to tryout last Saturday. Had our lunch there.

Nice place lah....of course lah cos its new. (Service is quite slow tho')

Both of us tried their combo. A value for money of main dish and soft drinks. But we ordered an extra dish which is their soup.


Mushroom soup - RM6.00 (Delicious!)

2 pc golden strip, 1 pc original fried chicken wing, green salad, french fries, coleslaw + 1 drink. (RM13.90)

2 pc golden strip, 1pc Korean charbroiled, green salad, french fries, coleslaws + 1 drink (RM13.90)
The portions is very generous and you will be very full after you finished the course. I especially enjoyed its soup and coleslaw, memang sedap!!

At the moment, the combo dishes are at promotion price. I suppose the food is good lar...but i guess we won't be going to this place again. Probably cos the place is not that strategic. But i'm guessing that once One Utama management revamp the area to be an eatery area, it should do well. Since Giant has been closed, it has been replaced by Cold Storage...yahoo!!

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