Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Steamboat at Ketam Village

Have you been to Ketam Village? We've never been there but a couple fren (A&S) wanna introduce us to this place cos they know we liked steamboat.

Where is this place? Its located on the ground floor of Ikano. They served good steamboat and its 'Halal'.

Its bee n my first time. First time experiencing steamboat where you get your own steamboat pot. You can control the heat from your own table too. Order from the menu (set or ala-carte).

They have 2 types of soups too (clear soup or tomyam). Latter one is nicer.

They served 2 types of chillies (green and red) - both are nice!!

Foodies from set to ala-carte.

Thanks for A & S for introducing, we both enjoyed the lunch!

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