Saturday, October 04, 2008


Tell me who don't like receiving gifts?? Most ladies loved getting gifts. For me i like receiving as well as GIVING. I'm generous, FYI!!

Basically we give gifts when there is an occassion:- be it birthdays, anniversaries, house-warming gift, a thank u gift, farewell, weddings, etc, etc. Giving gifts are universal, for example, jewelleries, electronic gadgets, electrical appliances, toys, arts, crafts, clothes, books, anyting under the sun. Some people can be very creative with gifts.

There is also the art of "re-gift". I read it in a newspaper some time ago about the art of 'regift'. For me its not wrong to regift. Like for example you received a nice blouse but its not your right size. Give it away then but don't give it as a gift. Or you can pass it to someone whom you think will like it. Or better still donate it to charity, you'll get points (pahala).

Those days i used to be a generous giver. But nowadays, i'm calculative. You know why? Becos some people are calculative. So i'm going to return back the person's 'calculativeness' favour back!! Muahahaha!! Others might not feel the same but i get upset and hurt especially when you put so much thot into the person's birthday but they did otherwise. I don't mind recycling gifts but do put some thoughts into it. I guess its alrite to recycle if your intentions are sincere and not do it like 'melepaskan batuk di tangga'. Don't be ignorant lar...people put effort to buy good stuff, don't just give becos you needed a 'quick-fix'.

Some people are taking it for granted. For example, sometimes you buy valuable or meaningful things (without thinking twice of buying) but when they reciprocate, what did you get in return (someting which is so lame, or maybe a second hand or worst, someting hands-down, maybe?), its like you're taken for granted!! Rite??!! Why?? Is it becos they're best friends?? Is it becos they're related? Is it becos they're close? Is it becos they're ofis collegues?

A 'malay' saying "pilih bulu". To the well to do or rich people, they presented them with expensive gift but to those who's opposite, they give 'chincai' or 'rejected' stuff. Hey, we're no fools!!

A fren complained to me once. She said, somebody bought her a pair of 'el-cheapo' accessories and 'ugly' looking too, whereas she's not the type who wears it nowadays. Those items are so not related to her, i mean, she's wearing 'tudung'!! She's upset cos she put a lot of effort giving 'value for money' gift to that person and what did she get in return??....kesian...

It doesn't mean he/she is somebody to you (be it somebody close or related to you), you can give things that you don't like or you wanna discard and make it as a gift..... its MEAN!!

Its okey to give cheap stuff (don't get me wrong) but make sure its nice looking lar. A photo frame, an album, a key-chain, even a pen or buying it from a RM2 shop is not wrong. But its WRONG if its ugly, 'unwanted', faulty, smelly or anyting lame lah, i don't have to elaborate.

And putting the gift in a used wedding 'bunga-telor' case, or used wrapping papers or worst wrapped it in newspapers or brown-paper?? low can u go?? Can be 'kedekut'-lar but janganlah 'kedekut sangat'!!!

Why the double standard lar?? Is it becos the person has 'title' or maybe you're indebted, you have to give expensive/valuable stuff?? To me, don't be bias....we've got brains, in case you forget!! Don't be stingy & choosy!!.

I hope people, doesn't matter who, frens/relatives/colleagues don't give 'shitty stuff' or 'recycled/rejected stuff' or some measly things (no, i'm not materialistic!!). Working people know how to value things. And by giving the 'unwanted' gift, we know how the giver values the person.
Better still, just a 'sincere wish' is sufficient rather than making us get 'heart-sick' of the gift. Or the best is a wishing card which i think is more adequate.

I believe if you are sincere and think hard of what the receiver might like, it will be more meaningful and the receiver will appreciate it. Surely you will feel good when he/she appreciates your gift (unless you're heartless lar). Its supposed to be win-win situation...not one way street.

"It is the thought that counts".... BUT be thoughful....NOT thoughtless...

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Sweettooth said...

aiyo!! sungguh mendalam entry ini. i hope no relative of ours did this to you ;).