Saturday, October 04, 2008

I got an SDR-S7...woohoo!!

I've got a Panasonic SDR-S7...yay!!!

The first b'day gift (advance) that i got is from bee (definately lah kan). I've been eying to own a videocam. Yeah, i know digital camera can also do recording but i feel like i need to have a 'videocam' to record rather then share the D cam.

Its small, compact and uses memory card to record. I do not wanna use a cd. The plus point is of course cos its small, its cute and i can carry it in my handbag anytime. Especially nowadays, when things gets smaller, why wanna use big or bulky gadgets rite! This ones suits me well, i'm thankful.

Thanks bee, i loved it!!

So far, i've used it for during raya and its fun to look at the recording. Consider buying one lar!!

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Alli411 said...

i just got one too-yeah!! Any tricks you can tell me?