Monday, October 20, 2008

My b'day feast

Eating will be the main agenda on birthdays. Of course eating with bee is a must. And then with my family (but we could not gather altogether, hence its postponed). Had diner at Tram Car with couzin F and Auntie M.

I had the cliche which is the sharksfin soup and barbeque fish. And the food as usual, up to standard n good. Thanks guys for treating us with the lovely expensive dinner.

The rest had mixed of western and locals.

Our next outing will be at Tram Car but they said we eat only local this time. I tried couzin F's Indonesia fried rice and its sedap!!
P/S : Thanks for all the pressies everybody, i appreciate it!


BabyGD said...

hey, selamat hari raya & happy birthday to you.... bila nak makan bersama i piuler.... ;p

Dazzelyn said...

thank u...thank u....nanti kita set dgn sweettooth mkn samer-samer...