Monday, May 28, 2007

Live-Band & Peter Pan

Last friday, huby n me invited 1 of our girlfren 'S' for a live-band show in one of the hotels in KL. Its been a long time and we chose to go there cos we used to frequent the place. I must say that the concept of live-band show nowadays has changed. They don't have an break/interval like they used to. Instead that nite 2 bands performed every 1 hour. So we get to watch a local and Filipino band. Of course i've always been a fan of any Filipino bands becos i know they can sing and are good entertainers but unfortunately that nite the Filipino band's selection of songs were guite uninteresting, i wouldn't say boring tho. And thumbs up for our local band cos altho with limited power in their vocals, they surely knows how to pull the crowd with their song selections.

After 1am, we decided to adjourn to our favourite coffee-house for some light snacking and watch the city move! Even from the time i was courting my then boyfren and now huby or when i was single, i loved to freaquent the coffee-house for their superb supper. Its also one of the coffee-house with full of memories with my cuzin and anty. We often see celebrities dine and the 'The Batak Group' were simply fantastic. 'The Batak Group' is a 5 piece band that goes to every table and sing.

As we were dining, chatting and laugh our hearts away, i discovered the famous Indonesian band - 'Peter Pan' at the coffee house. I just remembered that they were performing at The Ruums. After their quick snack, they had an impromptu photo session. My fren 'S' brought her camera. Know what i did?? Yeah, i went straight to them and took their pictures. Hey, i don't care if its some local band, THIS IS PETER PAN!! They've got great songs and have many records under their belt. 'S' and me find Ariel and another member (can't remember his name) cute, heheh!!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Changing Title

Today i'm officially changing the title of my blogger. Reason being, i think i've matured to another level. Whatever that means...hehehe.. I'm changing it to 'D Daily Dose'. It has many meanings in general, it is how you context it. Eveyone has their own daily dose. My daily-dose in the office would be a hot Milo 'O in the morning prepared by the tea-lady. Some people must have their daily dose of coffee. My hubby must have his daily dose of reading at least 2 newspapers a day! My parents, i suppose their daily dose is to ensure they've taken their medicine without fail. I have a neighbour who had to have her daily dose at the gym. An office-mate, 'S', she must have her dose of listening to music everyday, in her car, the office, at home, etc. So, i guess the name justifies my blog! Plus, its the name which i gave for the office's cafe 'D Daily Dose' (in May 2005) in a search for a new cafe name, my MD lurve it and i got a gift for it! So, i guess, i'm the rightful owner to the name, heh...heh...heh...

'Crap Talk' was created at the spur of the moment and changing the title is just right. Good bye Crap Talk and hello D Daily Dose!!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Frens at Work

At work, you spend approximately 8-9 hours with frens. U tend to get close to them. Basically you'll know their families and their love life. In my case, its the Operations department, we've got very close bond. Most of us are a happy bunch, poking fun at each other (tank god, all of us can take jokes), always laughing and sharing gossips. Sure, there are times when 1 of us will have our sad days or pressure with work n stuff but we make jokes and laugh to move-on. That's just how we work, we work hard and we play hard. We don't like negative vibes hence why we're always on our chirpy mood most of the time. Maybe that's why some dept just despise our closeness and our noisy-ness (not that we're always noisy). I don't understand why people have to be judgemental when we are not. Just because we're fun people, other people think we are 'free', that we don't have much things to do??? Heloo??? Who are they to say that?? Come and sit at my place and see what i'm doing, then you'll know man!! These people are just jerks, they're sick in the mind and they do not have a happy life!!!

Our department are always busy (busy-busy-busy). Especially after the company's transformation and extra work from the people who left, I only have little time to read emails sent by frens or do my blog. I think i have the most pathetic blog ever cos i can only blog when i have the free time....sigh...

Some of the pics of us having fun during our team-building out of office. Fond memories of frens at work will always be cherished!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Movie Buff

Hub n me r movie buff. Tonite, we're gona watch spidey. We're not a big fan of Spider Man but since its big everywhere, so we're still gona give it a third try (Spiderman 3) tho'. We're anxiously waiting for the Pirate of the Carribean, At World's End. We're thrilled with Jack Sparrow and gang. Another few movies that we can't wait for it to be realeased are The Transformers, Ocean Thirteen, Harry Porter-The Order of Pheonix, Fantastic 4 and of course Bourne Identity-Ultimate Bourne. A fren of mine juz watched 'Zombie Kampung Pisang' and too bad to say that it didn't fared well. But she's got high praises on 'Jangan Pandang Belakang', the director/writer sure made Malaysia proud! Yes, don't forget to support the Malaysian movies....i might juz go n c wat 'Sumolah' can offer....or maybe wait for it to be shown on TV, perhaps???

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mother's Day

Hubby, bro, sis inlaw n me took papa n mama for seafood dinner on mother's day eve. She's so happy, we never see her eat so much in her life. Then on mother's day itself, we took her to another round of feast, hi-tea in one of the hotel in KL. She's happy, papa's happy and so were we cos we get to eat too. Its been quite sometime since the last time we have a feast. Its a good time for get-together and also a time to bond more with families. So for this month, Happy Mother's Day, Mama. Thanks for everything that you've done to us. May almighty give you abundance of good health, happiness and good wealth for now and hereafter.