Thursday, May 17, 2007

Frens at Work

At work, you spend approximately 8-9 hours with frens. U tend to get close to them. Basically you'll know their families and their love life. In my case, its the Operations department, we've got very close bond. Most of us are a happy bunch, poking fun at each other (tank god, all of us can take jokes), always laughing and sharing gossips. Sure, there are times when 1 of us will have our sad days or pressure with work n stuff but we make jokes and laugh to move-on. That's just how we work, we work hard and we play hard. We don't like negative vibes hence why we're always on our chirpy mood most of the time. Maybe that's why some dept just despise our closeness and our noisy-ness (not that we're always noisy). I don't understand why people have to be judgemental when we are not. Just because we're fun people, other people think we are 'free', that we don't have much things to do??? Heloo??? Who are they to say that?? Come and sit at my place and see what i'm doing, then you'll know man!! These people are just jerks, they're sick in the mind and they do not have a happy life!!!

Our department are always busy (busy-busy-busy). Especially after the company's transformation and extra work from the people who left, I only have little time to read emails sent by frens or do my blog. I think i have the most pathetic blog ever cos i can only blog when i have the free time....sigh...

Some of the pics of us having fun during our team-building out of office. Fond memories of frens at work will always be cherished!!

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