Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Eating Weekends

Weekends are about bonding, eating and feasting. Doesn't matter where or what you eat, the most important thing for the day is having your meals and sharing good times with your loved ones.

Last saturday, went to Carrefour Subang cos huby bought for me a new Sony memory stick pro duo for my handphone. I had to transfer and download the old memory stick to a new memory stick. After that, we had our lunch. I was craving for KFC ever since the weekdays. Each of us had snack plate, original flavour, its finger linkin' good!!

Later we adjourned to One Utama (our fave place to be, hehe!!). Huby and me needed new shoes, so we have a mission that day. Must get a pair or two shoes. We covered the whole of OU from Parkson to Jusco and then back to Parkson again. Make a stop-over at Robert Harris cafe and tryout their coffee and chocolate ice-blended. Which looks like this. Hmm...we give 4/10 lar.

After the walking and gotten ourself what we wanted (huby got his black shoes and i got myself 2 pairs of shoes, hehehe), we headed to my parents house in evening.

Wanted to tryout Tiara Jacqueline's new eatery place, The Borneo Rainforest Cafe. Read about it in many newspapers so we thot we'll just take our parents. All of us ordered rice base food cos all of us are so hungry already. Huby orderd Chap Fan rice, Papa ordered Nasi Dagang, Mama ordered Nasi Kerabu and I ordered Nasi Lemak special. Papa praised his food, i tried huby's chap fan, memang tasty and my nasi lemak is very good too. All of us ordered hot drinks to go with dinner. They also served other extensive range of food like pasta, fusion noodles, satay and barbeque dishes.

After dinner, we jalan-jalan Sunway Pyramid which we go thru a bridge-walkway via Sunway Tower Hotel.

On Sunday, we took our parents to Pelita SS2 for breakfast. Then bring them to Ikano for jalan-jalan. We all had Pizza Hut for Lunch. My mom just love eating pizza. No choice but to take them there. By chance, huby n me already so 'muak' but still go ahead.

Since it was my brother's birthday, my parents treat us all for dinner at Johnny's Steamboat Restaurant at OU (papa's choice of place)

After dinner, papa treated us desserts at Baskin Robbins. Each couple shared 2 Banana Rumble 2 scopes ice-creams and a Waffle Berry 2 scopes ice-creams. Papa so generous tonite.

We all reached my parent's home nearly 11:00pm. Sat at the main-hall and chat till past midnite.

Monday, August 27, 2007

DQ Merpati (Accessories Boutique)

Calling all Accessories lover, especially, Gem Stones or Swaroski Crystals collector and wanna buy or own it. Please come to DQ Merpati boutique. (my fren's shop)

Location: Amcorp Mall, ground floor just beside CIMB Bank.
You will not missed it!

Its an exclusive boutique that sells all kinds of exotic gem stones and colourful swaroski crystals. (Just so you know, i don't get anything promoting her shop ok.) Its just that, last sunday huby n i brought my parents to the place and we bought some few accessories at a great price. (Not becos we're frens but she do really give a good deal). Or if you wanna great deal, just mentioned that you read my blog and she will definately give you good discounts!!

They have extensive range from top-to-toe. Necklace, bracelet, rings, brooches, jewellery watches, earings, bangles, etc.

You can also choose and get her to custom-made it according to your own designs. She even designs her own trinkets. The shop have semi-precious stones, pearls, shells and silvers. The swaroski crystals are from Austria and gem stones comes from Asian Countries, like Thailand. She made most of the necklaces and bracelets/bangles herself. These are some of the photos for your view.

You wanna buy stunning jewelleries, gem stones for your mom/girlfren/wife/fiance/frens or even for yourself, do drop by Amcorp Mall and visit DQ Merpati outlet. You won't be dissappointed.

Friday, August 24, 2007

My office cubicle + desk

This is my IBM desktop and my HP flat screen + digital key-phone.

This is my cutesy HP black/white printer. I encouraged myself using recycle papers for my internal/non-formal documentation.

Some of the souvenirs from colleagues. And that is my radio which looked like a microphone....unique eh!

This is Super SOD's Wall of Fame. Some fridge magnets from colleagues who goes overseas and some photos.

My breakfast if there is no nasilemak or mihun goreng. Sometimes become my lunch if we all don't feel like going out.

My waste-paper basket with a box of recycled envelopes neatly arranged for easy access, hehehe.

Last but not least, another corner is my money plant with framed-photos of SOD department girls and with our past and present boss.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Durian & Manggis Feast

The company's sports club organised a 'Durian & Manggis' feast at the office this evening. The merchandise came from Tanjung Karang. A small lorry to carry it with 2 guys who helped open the durians.

Everybody rushed down at the car-park at exactly 4:30pm. All the department colleagues were already there.

There were 2 big baskets of all the good grades durians from D24, D101, all the 'D's, prawn, gold etc. The sports club paid nearly RM2K for the feast.

I had my first one and already so filling. Most of us ate about 3-4 pieces each cos 1 piece is as big as a tennis ball. After durian, everybody rushed to the next basket filled with cute little suweet manggis. That too after all the durians were already half-finished.

Here are some of the photos of us gobling down durians. Everybody enjoyed the feast and it was a great effort made by the company's Sports Club. I'm gonna send a good comment about it and email to the organiser.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Manage Change

Yesterday the company sent us for training. We had training in the office. After the transformation of the company, it is compulsory that everyone in the company to attend this training. Title : Change and The Individual Contribution. The speaker is Mr. Nick Randall and he's based in Australia. He's 60 years old and ride a BMW bike. Its a 1 day training and it was an interesting one.

We learned a lot about what we can do to maximise our performance in the face of change. We learnt about the 'S' curve and the signs and symptoms of people in Denial and Resistance to changes. We explore how stress affects performance in decision making and that it can effect the daily health. With proper coaching, we can contribute better in making the company progress well.

After the company's transformation, there are many many changes in the organisation. Early this year, the company offer VSS and some of my colleagues took the opportunity. I'm happy with the company so i didn't go for it, altho, after checking how much i could get from the VSS, it is quite attractive. But i think i'll grow with this company.

For your information, this is my 3rd transformation. The 1st and 2nd the company that i was working for merged with other pharmaceutical company. 3rd, the company was bought-over by a giant pharmaceutical co. So you see, i have been through so many changes, hence it is okey for me. Of course, the process has not been an easy one.

Okay, back to the training. We were given a task-project. To build an aeroplane from A4 paper that can carry 2 eggs at the same time. There were 5 teams. The plane will be judge by how far it can fly and without smashing the eggs. My group didn't win. But from the project, we learnt about teamwork and that people can build innovative and creative aeroplanes from just a mere A4 paper and a adhesive tape. Bravo!!

This is our F5 Tomcat Fighter-Jet :)

Overall, it was a fruitfull training and there's so much that we can learn and apply in our day-to-day job.

"None of us is as smart as all of us" - Ken Blanchard

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Ratatouille + Outing with Parents

Supposed to meet a couple friend last saturday but the wife gotta work till 7pm, sigh, no luck of meeting them. However, huby said we still go ahead with our plans. 10:30am, head to Holiday Villa Hotel for Dim Sum. They're having a RM3.00 per basket promotion. We tried so many place for a good halal dimsum over the years and we still find that Holiday Villa Chinese Restaurant, served the best dimsum. After breakfast, went straight to the Curve.

Went to Cineplex and bought 1:20pm movie tickets to watch 'Ratatouille'. Hmmm...funny pixar studio movie. Highly recommended, predictable but fun to watch. Its about this rat named 'Remy' whose got good sense of smell and wants to become a gourmet chef. Plus he can cook better then human. Go watch. We both enjoyed it and i clapped my hand after the movie (huby hates it if i do that!!)

After movie, went to Marche for late lunch. Since we're still not very hungry, we shared a bowl of mushroom soup + bread, a plate of main-dish half roasted chicken and banana-crepe with ice-cream for dessert, huby's treat as usual, hehehe. It was full house everywhere, all the eateries were packed with people. We were eating and saw drama actress Haliza Misbun with one 'Mat-Salleh' just beside our table. After lunch, jalan-jalan and beli-beli at Ikano and Curve. Never leave The Curve without visiting Big Apple. Bought half dozen of their delicious donuts before driving back home to my parents house for dinner. Papa bought mihun soto and satay which he bought from the Kelana Jaya pasar malam. For supper, mama called my cousin and aunty for supper. We chatted till 12:30 midnite.

Sunday, we treated Papa & Mama for breakfast at 'The Village Park Restaurant' in Uptown. Reached there around 9:15am and there were already so many people and luckily we managed to get a place to sit. Papa ate Mi Rebus Singapore, Mama ate Nasi Lemak Ayam Goreng, Huby ate Lontong and I had the fishball mihun soup. Both my parents loved their food and huby got good words for his lontong but unfortunately my soup was quite a dissappointment, a bit tasteless and i didn't finish it. We tried the roti bakar kaya and their karipaf and cucur keria, they were delicious. Afterdat, went to Proton showroom to see the Proton Persona. Huby said its not much different from Gen2. Except for the cosmetic uplift. Later jalan-jalan and beli-beli at Mid Valley Mall till 4pm. Papa treated us lunch at Pizza Hut. We had to queue and all eateries were as usual, packed with so many people but it was fun to join the sunday crowd.

Sent parents back and we went back to Shah Alam. I had to do laundry and some ironing. So fast the weekend's over. Wish there's a long weekend. Guess i have to wait for next week!!