Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Manage Change

Yesterday the company sent us for training. We had training in the office. After the transformation of the company, it is compulsory that everyone in the company to attend this training. Title : Change and The Individual Contribution. The speaker is Mr. Nick Randall and he's based in Australia. He's 60 years old and ride a BMW bike. Its a 1 day training and it was an interesting one.

We learned a lot about what we can do to maximise our performance in the face of change. We learnt about the 'S' curve and the signs and symptoms of people in Denial and Resistance to changes. We explore how stress affects performance in decision making and that it can effect the daily health. With proper coaching, we can contribute better in making the company progress well.

After the company's transformation, there are many many changes in the organisation. Early this year, the company offer VSS and some of my colleagues took the opportunity. I'm happy with the company so i didn't go for it, altho, after checking how much i could get from the VSS, it is quite attractive. But i think i'll grow with this company.

For your information, this is my 3rd transformation. The 1st and 2nd the company that i was working for merged with other pharmaceutical company. 3rd, the company was bought-over by a giant pharmaceutical co. So you see, i have been through so many changes, hence it is okey for me. Of course, the process has not been an easy one.

Okay, back to the training. We were given a task-project. To build an aeroplane from A4 paper that can carry 2 eggs at the same time. There were 5 teams. The plane will be judge by how far it can fly and without smashing the eggs. My group didn't win. But from the project, we learnt about teamwork and that people can build innovative and creative aeroplanes from just a mere A4 paper and a adhesive tape. Bravo!!

This is our F5 Tomcat Fighter-Jet :)

Overall, it was a fruitfull training and there's so much that we can learn and apply in our day-to-day job.

"None of us is as smart as all of us" - Ken Blanchard

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