Thursday, August 23, 2007

Durian & Manggis Feast

The company's sports club organised a 'Durian & Manggis' feast at the office this evening. The merchandise came from Tanjung Karang. A small lorry to carry it with 2 guys who helped open the durians.

Everybody rushed down at the car-park at exactly 4:30pm. All the department colleagues were already there.

There were 2 big baskets of all the good grades durians from D24, D101, all the 'D's, prawn, gold etc. The sports club paid nearly RM2K for the feast.

I had my first one and already so filling. Most of us ate about 3-4 pieces each cos 1 piece is as big as a tennis ball. After durian, everybody rushed to the next basket filled with cute little suweet manggis. That too after all the durians were already half-finished.

Here are some of the photos of us gobling down durians. Everybody enjoyed the feast and it was a great effort made by the company's Sports Club. I'm gonna send a good comment about it and email to the organiser.


Sweettooth said...

OMG!!! bestnyer!!! so lucky lah u guys. I must recommend this to my co. Mmg patutlah u stay put kat situ, good effort to ensure staff happy.

Dazzelyn said...

ya lar....then why u tink ppl here r so tembam, montel n plump...har..har..har...true u know.