Thursday, August 09, 2007


Everybody have aunties. I'm very close to most of my aunties from my mom's side. Even after married, i'm still close to them. Altho' we have our differences of opinion, we fought, we argued, we tell each other-off but at the end of the day, they're still my aunties and i'm still their niece.

I would like to talk about my eldest auntie. Yesterday, huby and i visited the UMMC (University Malaya Medical Centre). She was admitted a day before because of kidney failure. I couldn't go cos i was told late at nite. I was so surprised to see her condition. I could not contain my feelings, i cried right after looking at her!! I've never cried visiting my late grandmother or late 2nd eldest auntie. But i got so emotional looking at my eldest auntie. She looked so weak. It is a pityful sight.

The last time i saw her was about a month ago, she was still sick but not as sick as yesterday. She is the most nicest auntie among other aunties. Altho, I'm not that close to her but she has been a very nice lady. I would like to describe her as an 'Isteri Mithali' because i know she never talk-back to her husband. She's loyal and she's never-ever raised her voice to her husband or even anyone i known (except maybe in school....oya, she was a primary school teacher). During my younger days, i remembered that she sometimes cracked jokes and it was always spontanaous that i laughed out loud. There are many good qualites in her, i just don't understand why her husband ill-treated her...

According to my cousin (my auntie's only daughter), she's in her 3rd stage of Parkinson. Everday she have to take at least 20 to 30 tablets of medicine, for her gastric, for her diabetic, her parkinson and what not. And lately her appetite to eat has gone thin so she hardly eat and drink. She was so dehydrated, doctor have to give her extra drip cos her body need liquid. My cousin said she's improving but still critical.

After office today, we fetched my mom and went and visit my auntie again. She didn't response too well today but i'm much stronger today, i try not to get emotional (altho deep inside my heart - felt so sebak). We all empathy seeing her in that weak condition, i know my cousin is strong to take care of her. Nothing much can be done except huby and I hoped and prayed that she will be better soon and not suffer.

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