Thursday, August 02, 2007

Turn of event!

I was so ready to go to work today. But as i woke up, i got a bad stomach-cramp (time of the month again!). It was quite unbearable, so yours truly decided that its not a good day to go to work. I text my boss and my colleague and told them that i'm unable to come to work. Huby decided to take me to the doctor and he'll be taking off today too...hehehe...

Went to see doctor around 10.30am cos the pain is still there and i don't like taking pain-killer. And at the same time i had a terrible back-ache. After the trip to the doctor, mentally and physically, i was quite okey. Our stomach got hungry and so huby took me to a new eatery in Uptown. We have been wanting to go to this place for quite sometime but the place is always pack and parking is a hassle. But this morning we were lucky. The name of this place is 'Village Park Restaurant'. They served very good nasi lemak with lots of condiments and side orders. The sambal is spicy. I had my nasi lemak with ayam goreng berempah panas...pehhh...memang sedap to go with my kopitiam teh-o. Huby had nasi lemak with sambal sotong with kopi-kow!! They have other menu; asam laksa, keowteow fishball soup, mee rebus, prawn mee and of course their roti-bakar with kaya and hard-boil eggs, which looks very tempting. So many crowd and so many people come and go. Best jugak tryout new place.....suddenly after breakfast and taking my medicine, i feel much better.

Huby had this crazy idea! He asked, wanna go to KLCC since we seldom go there during weekend cos of the crowd. He decided that we parked at Taman Bahagia and take the LRT to KLCC. Dah lama pun tak naik LRT, syok pulak, rasa macam jakun! It was a 35minutes ride and before noon we were already there. We went to Isetan and Parkson and bought a few things. Sempat lagi beli kasut sports for myself. Since we were still very full, we went for late lunch at the food-court. Ordered wantan-mee with prawn dumpling soup which we shared. Not bad, the soup is tasty and the prawn-dumpling is solid. By 3:30pm, we head back to Kelana Jaya to avoid the rush-hour.

Once we reached home, i decided to bake some cup-cakes. I've been wanting to eat cup-cake for quite sometime and could not order cos the person who sell em, stop taking orders till September. I'm gonna bring some to the office tomoro for the girls and some for my parents.

And since we ate outside, i cooked dinner. Just simple dinner, fish and chips with coleslaw (bought at Cold Storage) and beef ball. Suppose to eat with brown sauce but huby said no need since i'm already so tired, heh...heh..thanks bee!

Its a nice un-planned outing for me today. Sometimes, deciding an outing on the spot is much better rather than a planned one. What a turn of event!!

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Sweettooth said...

aiyo! passing lah sikit itu cupcakes! we hv to meet dear..lotsa stories abt. Unc. Hel ur beloved one heheee..