Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Gardens Cafe

We both meet-up after bee finished with his friday prayers and just in-time i finished my meni/pedi. Its already 2pm and we're both is looking for places to eat.

Came across this new place at OU new wing.

It has a green & white theme.....very cozy.....i loike the environment. They were having set lunches promotion and we'd thot we'd tryout its food.

I personally think the owner has geat taste. He or she took pain in decorating the place tastefully. Coincidently, i'm so into white deco and household stuff in white. I wish i could paint my dining chair white...hehehe...hint...hint...

Watercrest soup
and the ice-lemon tea...really generous portion.

I had Olio Prawn Speghetti . The presentation of the food is good and the food tasted good too. The prawns they used is fresh and its not that oily.

Bee had chicken chop. The chicken is tender n juicy, the vege is fresh n crunchy and gravy is tasty. Bee is satisfied with his dish. He said the chef really take pain to make this dish as if you're eating in a posh-restaurant.

This place is NOT a disappointment at all. The food is tasty and we both just love its ambiance.

We'll definately come again to this place, maybe bring our parents or my mother-inlaw who will definately love the ambiance of its place.

Friday, February 27, 2009

My friday off

Yup! I'm on leave again today. De-stressing myself! I think i owe myself that one. And as usual, if i'm on leave, i'll force bee to do the nice of him to adhere to it...hihihi..

In the morning both of us went for breakfast at the FAM, Kelana Jaya. Later went to Sam*ung Service Centre to repair my d-cam. The spare-parts were available and after servicing, my d-cam now feels like brand new.

In the afternoon, he drop me off at OU cos he has to go for Friday prayers. Since i've got to wait for him for about 1 hour n a half, i'd thot i'd do me a favour....went for manicure & padicure at Nail's Parlour. My first time there and its kinda small but chic. The person who did my pedi was a nice lady but the person who did my meni was unfortunately a lady but biologically a men. I must confessed that, men who wants to be a women, can never-ever be as soft or as gentle as a real women. Some of them are sometimes bitchy like this one and they do things roughly. That's what happended to my little finger...i find it quite painful when 'shim' did the meni....don't go there. Altho i'm satisfied with my buffing nails, i don't like that faggot....sigh... Next time i'll go the another nail parlour.

In the evening we had dinner at a new restaurant in Kelana Jaya, a chinese-muslim restaurant, maybe next time i'll blog about it. The food is really good.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Appreciation Dinner

Tonite's our appreciation dinner....makan lagi. This time the organiser took my suggestion to tryout 'Secrets of Louisiana'. All 30 committee members but only half managed to make it. Appreciation for a successful NSC meeting event earlier this year.

Most importantly, our SD is satisfied with the place. In fact they said the ambiance makes you feel like you're not in KL.

We choose the outdoor seating. Luckily it didn't rain heavily. Altho the service is quite slow but most of us understand cos they're still new and they still need to buck-up. But food-wise, definately not a dissappointment.

We ordered wild mushroom soup and some appetisers before the main course. I just love the soup....altho some of them said not i told them they have 'lidah-kampung'....hehehe... The appetiser was all good, the buffolo wings (which comes with a nice lemony sauce), baked mussels with cheese and seafood gumbo.

Those who had steaks and lamb for their main said they were satisfied with the food. The only set-back is the 'kura-kura'...

After the soup and appetiser, i got really full, so i shared my main-meal, which is a 'seafood carribean' with the rest.

Some of us (including me) left earlier before 9pm while the rest stayed on for more beers and wines.

Happy Birthday M & J

Its time for birthday song and birthday cake again! Its Marcia & Jackie's birthday. Had to be celebrated together cos it falls in the same month, March!! We had to celebrate it much earlier cos our boss is going for their incentive trips. Ahboss said they have to share. He told me to try to get a bigger cake cos they have to share but how to find one big cake last minutely kan.

I bought the cake at La Mani*a cos i was around the area. They don't have much choices but i suppose this is the best. Its Chocolate Brownie Cheese Cake.

Both of them didn't expect it and i'm glad its really a surprise for them. We purposely put a 'mother & daughter' on top of the cake for fun.....its an inside joke.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

Here we are. At Popeyes. Today ofis is not so stress....still in the stress catagory but not that stress!! See what stress has made me....

This is the new fast-food joint that i mentioned in my blog earlier. Bee mentioned to be that this place is going to be opened since last year but only few days ago he found out the place. Its located at Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, corner shop, just opposite KF*. This outlet used to be occupied by Shak*ys but was closed down few months back. You won't miss it.

The first time i had my meals at Popeyes is when I was in Hong Kong last year. We arrived at the airport and are given time to eat lunch and it is one of the 3 food-outlets at the airport that is 'Halal' certified!!

Anyway, dinner at Popeyes are of course nice cos i get to eat with bee. He managed to de-stress me by bringing me here....hihihi

You order from the service counter and this is the menus. They have fried chicken, shrimp and fish burgers, sandwiches meals and desserts.

Nice ambiance with red and black theme. They also provide free Wi-Fi and you can surf while you eat. We ordered some shrimps, fish and chicken tenders. You can choose combo meal with biscuits, mash potatoes and coleslaw.

Just look at the succullent fish....white, fresh, crunchy and juicy fish...eemmmmm

I'm not exaggerating but the mash potatoes is really really 'SEDAP'!!!

The coleslaw?? Oyes, the coleslaw too....SEDAP!! Better then other fast food coleslaw i ever tasted.

Triple Thumbs Up!!! The fish is just so succelent, the prawns is fresh and the chicken, believe it or not, it is also juicy!!

The meals comes together with a taste a bit like scones but with softer texture. Quite tasteless.

Overall, i know i'm coming again to to Popeyes.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New fast-food in town

Yay....clap-clap-clap-clap-clap....according to bee....he saw a new fast-food in town....

I will blog once bee and i go to the place d mean time....suspense......hehehe...

2009 reading

Did u guys go to M*H book sale?? They have really good sale when they're on sale....huh??!! Anyway last year i only managed to read 2 pathetic. This year i bought (actually bee paid for it) only one book and he bought me another one.

I bought this one. Its a chick-lit read and its on 30% discount. Its about forgiveness and a light material to read.

And bee bought for me this one. He wants me to read this one to gain some knowledge about haj. . Looks like this year i will get to read at least 2 books again....

Bee got two for himself. For me its heavy aint my cuppa tea...hehehe.

A Bag, A Pie-dish and A Boat Sauce

Last two weeks at Ika*o, there is a warehouse clearance. I saw this bag which i needed to put in my office stuff. Its not too big nor too small and it has a zip. Its 70% off discount from the original price and it only cost me RM29.00.....of courselah i cepat-cepat grab it. I loike it. My mom got one for herself too but its in red.

Last week, went to a household shop. Saw this nice pie-dish. I like its size cos i don't have this size. I've been wanting to buy a medium size ones to make apple crumble or shepperd-pie....its only RM10.00 and its beautiful....donchatink? I liked its side profile.

And i also got a sauce dish from my sister-inlaw. At the moment i don't owe a sauce-cup. Sometimes if i make roast chicken, i don't have a sauce-cup to put my brown-sauce. Its white and i loike it.

My weekend

Last saturday bee's twin came and stayed with us for a nite with her two boys. We went to many malls in the Klang valley cos she's a shopaholic. For me, i dun mind cos i like to 'jalan-jalan'. The rawas said 'melotek'..hehehe... We went to OU and then had dinner at Uptown.
On Sunday we went to 4 malls in one day. Our last stop was to Teapot Deli at the SA*C Mall. It was such a coincident for this two twins cos both of them wanted to eat scones....with cream & jam, hence the stop to this deli.

The ambiance of the place is very cozy and with friendly service and with good food.

And ordered scones they did. I had their very tasty bread with eggs, cheese & onions and the kids had fish n chips, garlic toast & chocolate cake. All with a cup of 'English breakfast' tea.

And i must confessed, the meals were all delicious. They have another branch in SS2 called Teapot Cafe.