Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Bag, A Pie-dish and A Boat Sauce

Last two weeks at Ika*o, there is a warehouse clearance. I saw this bag which i needed to put in my office stuff. Its not too big nor too small and it has a zip. Its 70% off discount from the original price and it only cost me RM29.00.....of courselah i cepat-cepat grab it. I loike it. My mom got one for herself too but its in red.

Last week, went to a household shop. Saw this nice pie-dish. I like its size cos i don't have this size. I've been wanting to buy a medium size ones to make apple crumble or shepperd-pie....its only RM10.00 and its beautiful....donchatink? I liked its side profile.

And i also got a sauce dish from my sister-inlaw. At the moment i don't owe a sauce-cup. Sometimes if i make roast chicken, i don't have a sauce-cup to put my brown-sauce. Its white and i loike it.

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