Sunday, February 01, 2009

My packed weekend

Saturday 31st January 2009

Went to One Utama, met Ila & family and K.Ngah and family. We were at One Utama from 12:30pm to 5:30pm. Most of the time making our way shopping for necessary stuff before the sale ends. Sempat lagi take the time to drop by Baskin Robins for their 31 discount ice-creams. Later everyone departs back to our own destinations.

By 8:00pm, bee and me went to One Utama again. Treating our parents and my bro & SIL to have diner at Johnny's. After dinner and jalan-jalan at the old wings, papa said he wants to treat us banana-split at A&W PJ. We adjourned and left nearly midnite!!

Sunday, 1st Febuary 2009

Happy Federal Territory Day!!

10:15am - went to SACC Mall, Shah Alam. After getting what i wanted, we left to KL

12:00pm - reached Hornbill Restaurant for our brunch.

1:30pm - went to park our car a Semua House. I wanna start early and so i need to get some fabrics for this year's Hari Raya at the famous Jalan TAR. I'm trying not to do it last minute. After getting the fabrics, bee suggested we go somewhere else, he said the day is still early to go home.

2:30pm - reached Pavillion. I thot Tangs were having a sale, boy was i wrong, they end their sale end last two weeks ago.

3:30pm - got out of Pavillion. Bee drove to Bukit Tuanku, wanted to have tea at the small quiant cafe but unfortunately its closed! So we left that place and it started to rain.

4:00pm - parking was easy in Ikea. Yes, we are walking at The Curve. But i guess there's nothing interesting for us there. so we left.

5:30pm - believe it or not, we're now at One Utama. I got what i wanted at Jusco and left home around 7:00pm.

Wow!! What a day!! Luckily traffic were a breeze, they weren't many cars so there wasn't much tension on the road. I salute bee cos he really is 'Mr. Highway Man'...


Sweettooth said...

eh kurus lah u in that red top. who's in the first pic yg tutup muka tu?

Hornbill rest. used to be Wendy's...i remembered the "four" of us went day during my college days......"sigh" memories...memories...

Btw, Horbill rest. tu the food nothing much, just the experience of dining with the birds je lebih. Nurin loves the place!

Dazzelyn said...

Some baju can really make u look think but in actual u're not...hehehe... I'm not being modest but its a fact!!

Not Wendy's lah....its Carls Junior...yeah i remembered that place when d 4 of us used 2 frequent there 4 dating kan...ah...memories...memories... nothing great....dining with bird...gooood!!! hehehe...