Friday, February 06, 2009

Victoria Station, Medan D'sara

I donno how long it has been but its a long time since we last step inside the V.Station in Medan D'sara. Its a spur of a moment thingy. Didn't know where and what to eat. I suggested the place since bee said he tasted steak almost all restaurant that served western dishes but VS is serves the here we are.

Nothing's changed. Its the same ol' place. Its never been refurbished and its d same concept and same everything.

Their sharksfin still the best.

Any western dishes will be served with bread and butter.

Sirloin Steak and its salad. Bee said its steak is just juicy and the best so far.

Barbeque Fish. My first time trying and its not dissappointing at all.

Crepes with orange is so terrible. It was horrible that my throat cannot take it. I ask for a change and the kind captain managed to change it to Cheese Cake instead.

The service is of course attentive and it has been their signature all the while. We had a satisfying meal indeed.

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