Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Daiso Store

Bee intro me this place cos he knows i liked Japanese innovative gadgets/ideas or household things. He brought me to this place last year somewhere in December 2008. Didn't get the chance to blog about it cos got so excited about it the first time there....hehehe..
Do anyone of you remember that many-many years ago they used to have this RM4.99 per items shop? I can't recall the name of the shop. Now we have Hino*e but its items are mostly made-in China and then there's tis 100 yen shop. But i really really loike this (Daiso) shop. They have almost everything, u name it. Their storage ideas for the kitches is just superb. Almost anything you want you can find it in Daiso, from organisation to storage, from cosmetics to bath stuff, from car accessories to house decorative, personal care and cutleries to crockery.

In a Daiso store everything is sold at the same price which makes it easy to shop and very easy also that u end up buying more than you expect, hehehe! But do watch out as these add up very quickly!
Their stuff are plenty for which I just know I’m going to be such a regular at Daiso. Its located at Level 2, The Curve.

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