Sunday, July 11, 2010

Cousin Farah's bday...

Hubby & I were invited for our cousin's birthday. Auntie R insisted that bee & i were to join cos it will be cousin Farah's last birthday as a single person. She's getting married end of this year. My aunty has two daughters and her eldest will be tying the knot somewhere in December. We had our teatime at Dorse** Subang Jaya. It was a fun gathering as we get to eat and be merry.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Hale's Kitchen & Aeon Mahkota Cheras

I'm on leave today. No occassion, its just that some days, i do take special leave to spend time with my other half. I find that necessary, hehehe.
Today my other half wants to take me to a new eatery place. Its is located in Kg. Baru, KL. Its not hard to find the place. Hale's Kitchen is a 'halal' eatery. They have abundance of main-dishes to choose from.

I had a fish dish. And Bee had chicken cheese dish.. The food was delicious and portion was just nice....not too much or too little. Of course, we cleaned our plate in no time...

Their contacts are : Ground Floor Plaza RAH 111, Jalan Raja Abdullah, Kampung Baru, 50300 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-2681 8088 Fax: 03-2681 9088

Both of us find the food good and we will definately come here again (if we're around the neighbourhood).

After lunch, bee drove to Cheras area to check out the new mall. It rained heavily that day. The mall has all the usual outlets, nothing extraodinary about it. Somehow i find it kinda boring. But at least i've been here!!

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Te*ra Briyani Rice

A colleague told me that the best briyani that she ever tasted were at Tet*a. An Indian restaurant. So she make an effort to drive us there during lunch time. Its around Klang area.

The restaurant is clean & tidy. The briyani rice were okey. I had Vegetarian Briyani and it was quite alrite. Simple condiments to be eaten with the rice.

Its a long journey from the office but i guess its worth it for her.

Monday, July 05, 2010

Papa John & Serai

This entry were supposed to be published earlier but i was too busy.

We wanted to tryout Papa John at SPyramid and since it was mama's birthday & she lurves pizza, we decided to take her there. We ordered the specialty that they recommended and we think that the pizza are just so-so. However, other dishes like chicken wings & mushroom soup were passable.


A few weeks later we took our parents to 'jalan-jalan' to the new mall in SJaya, E*pire Gallery. And we have dinner at a new restaurant 'Serai'. We ordered main-dishes to be eaten with white rice. We find the food 'normal'...nothing to shout about but we also think that they were over-priced. Altho it is a fine-dining concept but the prices are still on the high-side. Nevertheless, we enjoyed the food.

Friday, July 02, 2010

Celebrity Chef & Mama Milk

The whole office were invited to attend a breakfast & learning talk. Organised by the Nutrutioni*t dept. R*bung Restaurant were the caterer of our breakfast and the nasi lemak were SEDAP!!

It is to show us all that W*eth's baby's milk are universal where, we can use it in our cooking. For this special occassion, Celebrity Chef Ismail were invited and he showed us two recipes using the milk.

The Chef is very interacful & made the ice-breaking very entertaining. He asked us all to streched ourselves with Lady Gaga's song and it was fun.

He then shares with us two recipes that uses W*eth's baby's milk. And the turnout were sooo good and simply delicious.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Recce of Golden Palm Tree Resort Hotel

Went for hotel inspection. Its was quite a drive....we reached destination in 1 hour and a half. It was a hot day. After parking, we have to wait for a buggy to come and fetch us. Its the same procedure for any guests who parks their car at the property.

We were taken to see a few luxurious rooms.

Royale Palm Villas
Ultra luxurious three bedrooms villas with ocean front view perched dramatically at the end of palm tree on the sea with a spacious terrace and has direct access into the sea for an unforgettable relaxing experience.

The villas have a direct and stunning view of the Straits of Malacca to simply rest and relax to be amazed by the breathtaking sunset and admire the beauty of nature.

Canary Palm Villa
A two bedroom magnificent villa with separated luxurious marble four fixture bathroom and a lounge with a combination of a queen size bed and a twin bed with spacious living areas.

All villas are with two private terraces that offer panoramic sea view for peace and tranquility.

Premier Traveller Villa
One bedroom villas elegantly stands on stilts with high ceiling covered with Alang-Alang roofing that offers a warm ambience of the nature. The villa comes with a romantic four-poster king size bed. An outdoor private terrace with deck chairs and a view of the sea.

Travellers' Palm Villas
One bedroom villas elegantly stands on stilts.
Twin bedded air conditioned room with ceiling fan. An outdoor private terrace with deck chairs and a view of the sea.

It is really a spectacular five star water villa resort. Breathtaking beach frontage on the coastline

I was told the design combines Polynesian-Maldivian styles with a touch of tropical Malaysian finishing . They have an all day dining restaurant. Lounge Bar, Bar, etc. A few water sports activities, excursions, snorkeling, a recreation centre with fitness room and library, TV room, boutiques, and a Spa.

We left the place after lunch and back to office and continue working.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Goodbye Tavet

Vavet....or Tavet is hubby's cat. Its a female cat and she has been in his family for more then 10 years. She's the most obese cat in the house. She stays in Seremban and everybody loves her.

Actual name given to her was 'Rug Rat' cos of her fur-colour combination but becos she is a very 'manja' cat, it became 'Vavet' or 'Tavet'.

Tavet is a very previledged cat cos she is the only ones that can hopped-onto MIL's bed and sleep on it!! Tavet don't climb the walls to go to the other side, instead we had to open the gate for her to go to the other side!! "Mengada-ngada" kan? But in a cute little way :)

Hubby called me at the office just before noon today and told me the bad news....she died. Suspected being biten by a dog....poor cat. She is so harmless.

I'm actually used to-be quite terrified of fierce cat or cats that likes to scratch you but i can never get it from Tavet. Its like she senses that i'm a scardy-cat that she just come to me to get stroked. She never bite me and she purrs non-stop if you stroked her.

Whenever hubby and I goes back to Seremban, he will call her name and she'll respond! And she will make sure that she sleeps with us. I'm gonna miss her....hubby for sure.

Goodbye Tavet....

Thursday, June 24, 2010

My first time to Sepang International Circuit

Yes, it is my first time to set foot in Sepang International Circuit. Never had the chance to come to this place where its famous for its F1. Thanks to ****** for giving hubby the complimentary tix.

But i'm here to see Super GT International Series (Autobacs). What is it? The Super GT series, formerly known as the All-Japan Grand Touring Car Championship is a grand touring car race series promoted by the GT-Association.

Good hot weather but quite a long-good walk from the parking area to the track area. The paddock building was abuzz with activities as journalists and photographers from all across the world arrived, for the support racers and SuperGT. All busy with shooting and of course, here, the GT girls and GT Queens who are so-ready to pose for you.

Its is said, its Japan’s hottest and most happening racing series, the SuperGT International Series at the Sepang International Circuit. The cars are divided into two groups: GT500 and GT300. And there are plenty of sporty cars on displays too.

Race fans will be able to watch it from the main-grandstand or in the suite. We are so lucky to get the suite as it is 'damn' hot/humid and 'damn' noisy!!

It is so comfy watching from inside the suite, there's flat screen TV for you to check on the points/laps. Its air-conditioned and there's not much noise from the race-track. Plus food are provided for (lunch & tea) with comfy seats too. And you can order any drinks you'd like....coke, sprite, coffee/tea...u name it!

Overall, i enjoyed the outing and am glad we made the trip to Sepang. I get to experience the paddock, the car-race & people etc.