Friday, June 25, 2010

Goodbye Tavet

Vavet....or Tavet is hubby's cat. Its a female cat and she has been in his family for more then 10 years. She's the most obese cat in the house. She stays in Seremban and everybody loves her.

Actual name given to her was 'Rug Rat' cos of her fur-colour combination but becos she is a very 'manja' cat, it became 'Vavet' or 'Tavet'.

Tavet is a very previledged cat cos she is the only ones that can hopped-onto MIL's bed and sleep on it!! Tavet don't climb the walls to go to the other side, instead we had to open the gate for her to go to the other side!! "Mengada-ngada" kan? But in a cute little way :)

Hubby called me at the office just before noon today and told me the bad news....she died. Suspected being biten by a dog....poor cat. She is so harmless.

I'm actually used to-be quite terrified of fierce cat or cats that likes to scratch you but i can never get it from Tavet. Its like she senses that i'm a scardy-cat that she just come to me to get stroked. She never bite me and she purrs non-stop if you stroked her.

Whenever hubby and I goes back to Seremban, he will call her name and she'll respond! And she will make sure that she sleeps with us. I'm gonna miss her....hubby for sure.

Goodbye Tavet....

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