Thursday, June 24, 2010

Movies - Prince of Persia, The A Team & Toy Story 3

Prince of Persia

It was a boring week and i kinda need to have a movie-fixed. So i didn't expect much from this movie, and wasn't planning on watching it after watching the trailer. But somehow the action sequences turned out to be pretty good in the movie. So i'm more than glad that i did. Not a Jake fan. And at first glance Jake wouldn't be my first choice for the role of the prince as i didn't think he really looked the part...but the movie itself is enjoyable, and not totally predictable storyline. I liked movies that is not easily predictable.


The A Team

Hubby & I grew up watching the series and how can i not wanna go watch the movie!! We felt that it is one of the funniest movies and with lotsa action from the start. The new A Team deserves all positive praises. Altho at the end of the movie, its kinda easy to decipher who was betraying the team...hehehe... Definately a must watch!


Toy Story 3

You've seen its 1 and you muz see its 3.

We must say, its the best movie....most of the character makes a nice warm welcome back with brand new toys too. Andy has grown up and Woody & Buzz has grown wiser too. This movie was completely worth the wait, its funny & hearwarming and i suggest that you go and watch em.

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