Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mid-week trip up north

I applied leave yesterday. Needed a break after my office's conference plus hubby needed to do something in Taiping. He said since we're going north, might as well go and tryout a food joint that is famous in Ipoh, its called "Nasi Kandar Ganja".

Last nite we decided that we will drive up north, eat and come back. But this morning, quite suddenly, we thought, why not drive up to an even further Penang perhaps?! Yes!!

We just quickly packed up basic needs (just in-case) and started our journey around 10am.

We reached Ipoh just in-time before the rush lunch-hour. We managed (i meant hubby) found the place. The place were kinda full but we managed to get a seat. The nasi kandar stall is actually inside a chinese restaurant. We buy our food from the nasi kandar stall but only ordered drinks from the shop. This shop is an old shop with 'kopitiam' concept.

I just ordered the 'ayam masak merah' which were said to be famous with curry gravy ontop. Hubby ordered 'kari sotong'.

What do we think about it? It was sorait....don't quite like the rice texture and the curry were okey lah. Was it really 'ganja' that i will want for more? Ermm...not really. We give it a 5 out of 10.

Later we made our way up to Penang. Reached there at 3pm. Tried our luck at Cititel and they were not full, so we checked-in.

In the same evening, hubby said he wanna take me somewhere. I don't know what he has on his sleeves....but it was a pleasant surprise.

He took me to 'Taman Kota Lama'.......wahh!! Its been ages since i last been to Padang Brown lah!! He read somewhere that the best mee goreng is found here.

The last time i came to 'Padang Kota Lama' was when i was a kid!!....didn't know this place still exists, hehehehe...sorry ya Penang people.

Have you all heard of 'Mee Goreng Pata'??

OMYGOSH!!!! The mee-goreng is REALLY REALLY SEDAP!!! SANGAT SANGAT SEDAP!! Not only its cheap, its really authentic and delicious. Accompanied with ABC & Ice Syrup...pergghhhh....nice!! Hubby ordered 'Mee Rebus'....and it was quite allright. But not as nice as the 'Mee Goreng'. Thanx Bee :) "tak menyesal datang sini".

Later on we were so full that we can't take dinner. We only shared a plate of maggie goreng from a nearby mamak shop...i forgot the name of the shop.

The very next day, we had 'Nasi Lemak bungkus' for our breakfast. Hubby said must find Nasi Lemak Ali (famous for its sambal). They have a few types of Nasi Lemak but hubby took Nasi Lemak Udang and I had Nasi Lemak Telor. The rice is soft & the sambal is not too sweet nor too hot.

For lunch, we stopped by "Kassim Nasi Kandar" but no 'telor sotong'. So we decided Yasmin Restoran to have our nasi-kandar with telor sotong!! We left Penang after that. And the next day, back to office.
It was a nice mid-week trip fot the both of us :)

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