Monday, November 30, 2009


I've heard about the Twilight movie last year but didn't pay much attention to it. Not until Astro HBO showed the movie last two weekend. I made a point to watch it wanting to know what the hype is all about. I guess I must've been the last person who ever watch tis movie.

I muz admit that i'm a sentimental & loves romantic/love story movies. And after watching it, i knew that i must watch its sequel...New Moon. I've heard of its good review from frens.

Its a nice teenage vampire movie. Its light & i enjoyed watching it. Can't wait to watch the Twilight Saga....


What is Upuma? It is one of many types of Indian dishes. A colleague introduced me to this dish around the 90's....and i quickly loved it. Have you tried?

This dish is made of sugee flour. Its fried with curry leaves & spices. You can eat it with curry, dhal, sambal or even with sugar.

Its been awhile since i last had it cos there isn't any Indian shop around my office area. Last week, a colleague bought one for me for breakfast and it made my day, i'm happy that i juz had 2 blog about it, hehehe.....

Nasi Lemak Tangling

The first time huby & i tasted Nasi Lemak Tangling was at my brother's wedding. It was 'akad-nikah' at a mosque in Keramat. After the ceremony, we were treated to a brunch. It was properly done, with tables & chairs under a nice canopy & Nasi Lemak Tangling was served.

Steaming white 'nasi lemak' with sambal, sambal sotong, fried chicken and the usual concotion. Our relatives praises the host for the good meal we had. Its already two years n we both thot we'd try again d nasi lemak at its branch.

Went last two weekend. Hubby as usual managed to find the place altho he's never been there before. We meet up with my bro & his wife there. The place is located behind 'Masjid Negara'. Ample parking space and ample space to eat. There were so many people and long queues.

But.....unfortunately...bee & I were disappointed. I don't wanna say much but its tak sedap lah! Why??

Eid-al Adha in KJ

I celebrated Hari Raya Haji at my parent's place. We managed to gather only a handful of relatives. Its only a once a year affairs, i wonder why some people rather stay at home doin nothing???...

Anyway, i didn't have much time to do much. On mama's request, i ordered Nasi Impit & Kuah Kacang from a caterer. And only managed to make chocolate cake & semolina cake.

Mama as usual did most of the cooking herself. My sister inlaw and me only helped around. I'm happy cos i get to catch up wif aunties, uncles & cousins....altho' i know some couldn't make it.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Meat frens @ Meatworks

An article abt tis place came out last two weeks. Hubs wanna go & check out tis place knowing that he won't be able to eat meat. We planned with our good frens and we all made it last weekend. It was a wet & rainy saturday nite but we managed to get thru it.

Its a simple n nice place to hangout. Of course its much better if u're a meat eater.

Ladies ordered Mushroom Soup & they were quite okey. I enjoyed the bite-size garlic bred. They don't have variety for poultry & fish but i enjoyed my cod fish & bee's aglio-alio. A & S said the meat were really good.

If u wanna eat good prime beef, this place is it!! Its halal.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Squeezy Chezzy...

Yes baby....squeezy chezzy.....if u lurve cheese....u MUST try tis. Quikly head off to CStrge n purchase tis..its D best cheese spread (u can spread it) ever!!As usual the person who discover tis is hubs lah. Our cheddar cheese stocks has finished n so huby's looking for sumtin new but still cheese base. He remembered when he was in US many many year ago abt tis easy cheese and we managed to find it in CStrge.

Bee wants me to share one of his favourite tings ...n so i did!

Tis cheese can be spread from an aerosol operates similar to a whipped cream. U juz need to bend the nozzle and out comes the yummy spread. It comes in diffrent flavour, cheddar & sharp cheddar. And the cheese is tasty!!

U can squeeze it on crackers, like an hor d’Oeuvres, or other small treats. U can be creative, you can used it as baked potato topping or on sandwiches, best suited for snacks alike. Bee puts a cheezy initials on my biscuit...

I give the product a 10 rating!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Frozen yogurt anyone?

My dearest hub knows wat i liked. After office yesterday evening, he brot me to SPymd. After an early fast-food dinner, he said he wanna take me 2 a new place which he's certain i would like. And he's not wrong....i lurved tis place n i'm planning to come back.

Its a new self-serve frozen yogurt concept outlet. Its fancy & different from other yogurt outlet...tis one is special (my opinion lah). Why i said its special?

Its becos u can customise yogurt by mixing diffrent yogurt flavours and garnish it to varieties of wet & dry toppings. I think this is a revolutionary self-serve concept of just by simply weight and pay for what you created.

This is how u do it:-

First, u get too choose your own yogurt flavour from the machine and then do it much as or as little that u want, u can also mix em. The flavours changes according to days....yesterday was Original , Pomegrade, Pineapple, Kiwi, Tutti Frutti & Death by Chocolate (wat a name....n its delicious).

Secondly, you also get to choose your toppings. They've got arrays of fruits like chopped bananas, mangoes, strawberries, blueberry, kiwis etc. Or u can choose some sweet mix like chocolate rice, chocolate chip, fruity pebbles or healthy bites like chopped granola, cornflakes, nuts etc to top-up ur yogurt.

After taking your personalised or desired flavours, they will weight and charge you accordingly. Yesterday i juz took a small container & didn't put much toppings cos i was quite full after dinner but since i desperately lurve d yogurt (after they give a free tasting)...i said i cannot wait for next time..hehehe.... It is priced at 53 sen for every 10gm, hence for 100gm of the yogurt, u needed to pay RM5.30 or more.

We sat for a while at the outlet and enjoy a shared cup of mixed yogurt.

You'll know that their yogurt is from a premium grade, its of quality and taste very nice. I love tis place. Its a nice place to hangout if u wanna go for dessert or juz wana go for sumtin light. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Quickly head off to TF...u can personalise ur yogurt n have a bit of fun wif luved ones...

THANKS BEE....i lurve it!!

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Oreo not brown??

Mention Oreo...u'll usually tink of the dark brown round chocalaty biscuit which kids juz lurve...n me lurve em too.

But now they've got other colour other then brown. Huby bought a limited edition of Oreo from CS & its called Golden Oreo....

For me, i still prefer d brown oreo...cos its chocolatey. The vanilla flavour is nice but i guess its a tad too sweet. Kids would love em.

As usual....i share d biscuits wif my office colleagues.

Friday, November 06, 2009


WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!!
MJ really is a LEGEND!! MJ is MAGIC!!

THIS IS IT, to me is definately MOVIE OF D YEAR!! I'm sure not even Transformers can beat-it!!. It is a 'documentary' movie abount MJ's months of rehearsals for d London Tour Concert which he said supposed to be his final one...

You wouldn't believe d magic that MJ still has in him. At d age of 50, he was still able to sing & dance exactly like he did 25 years ago to the beat of Billy Jean, Thriller & Beat it. MJ looked like he enjoyed himself during all d rehearsals.

I was moved by his gentle 'teguran' to one of d musician and he did not show any anger or frustrations and he wasn't like sum other arrogant, spoilt Hollywood artist...he don't even have d DIVA attitude.

Check out the lead guitarist girl, she played so well. She's so cool & pretty. MJ encourages her to shine on stage...he's not sellfish...he wants everybody who played at his concert to enjoy themselves. He said there's nothing to be nervous because its an adventure, a journey...(so touching). Check out the dancers too...they were really good and tis concert were supposed to be d best of d best becos u can see from d settings dat they planned, were juz awesome...i tink nobody can do a great concert like tis. Hats off to Kenny Ortega!!
Oya a tip here. When d movie wait till d very end...till d screen's off...there's a tiny-bit of MJ that will be featured at d wait 4 it (wink* wink*)

MJ shall always be remembered by his fans now & forever.

Its a MUST-See Movie. May he rest in PEACE.