Monday, November 30, 2009

Nasi Lemak Tangling

The first time huby & i tasted Nasi Lemak Tangling was at my brother's wedding. It was 'akad-nikah' at a mosque in Keramat. After the ceremony, we were treated to a brunch. It was properly done, with tables & chairs under a nice canopy & Nasi Lemak Tangling was served.

Steaming white 'nasi lemak' with sambal, sambal sotong, fried chicken and the usual concotion. Our relatives praises the host for the good meal we had. Its already two years n we both thot we'd try again d nasi lemak at its branch.

Went last two weekend. Hubby as usual managed to find the place altho he's never been there before. We meet up with my bro & his wife there. The place is located behind 'Masjid Negara'. Ample parking space and ample space to eat. There were so many people and long queues.

But.....unfortunately...bee & I were disappointed. I don't wanna say much but its tak sedap lah! Why??

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