Friday, November 06, 2009


WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!!
MJ really is a LEGEND!! MJ is MAGIC!!

THIS IS IT, to me is definately MOVIE OF D YEAR!! I'm sure not even Transformers can beat-it!!. It is a 'documentary' movie abount MJ's months of rehearsals for d London Tour Concert which he said supposed to be his final one...

You wouldn't believe d magic that MJ still has in him. At d age of 50, he was still able to sing & dance exactly like he did 25 years ago to the beat of Billy Jean, Thriller & Beat it. MJ looked like he enjoyed himself during all d rehearsals.

I was moved by his gentle 'teguran' to one of d musician and he did not show any anger or frustrations and he wasn't like sum other arrogant, spoilt Hollywood artist...he don't even have d DIVA attitude.

Check out the lead guitarist girl, she played so well. She's so cool & pretty. MJ encourages her to shine on stage...he's not sellfish...he wants everybody who played at his concert to enjoy themselves. He said there's nothing to be nervous because its an adventure, a journey...(so touching). Check out the dancers too...they were really good and tis concert were supposed to be d best of d best becos u can see from d settings dat they planned, were juz awesome...i tink nobody can do a great concert like tis. Hats off to Kenny Ortega!!
Oya a tip here. When d movie wait till d very end...till d screen's off...there's a tiny-bit of MJ that will be featured at d wait 4 it (wink* wink*)

MJ shall always be remembered by his fans now & forever.

Its a MUST-See Movie. May he rest in PEACE.