Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Chambers

Last saturday bee & i were treated for dinner. Huby's twins Ila & her huby wanna treat us dinner at one of newest restaurant at Seremban 2. The name of the restaurant is The Chambers. They've got very nice concept, served western food and the only (i can say, fine dining) restaurant at the area. The price were reasonabale and the food were good.

The ambiance is nice and can fit in about less then 50 people at one go.

We ordered from fish & chips for the kids, grilled chicken, seafood platter, lamb shank and lamb cutlet for my inlaw couple. MIL ordered their house speciality, grilled chicken with their specialy spicy sauce. The portion was big, so most of us were really really full when we finished our food.

We all ordered recomended dishes. For huby and me, its our first time there. Ila's kids enjoyed eating there.

I was happily snapping some pics from my dcam, my its battery went low. So some of the pics here were not too clear cos i've gotta use my handphone camera.

Friday, June 26, 2009

A shocking news

Tis morning as we woke up, we were jolted by a shocking news, d King of Pop has passed away. Disbelief, surprised, dumbfounded, shocked, etc were all mixed up. We quickly turn-on CNN and they've confirmed the news.

Those who were born in d 70's and grew up with MJ's songs will feel it (if they're a fan lah). The world has lost a legend!! Nobody does what he did. He's a great dancer, singer, choreographer, philanthropist etc.

I remembered when i was in my primary, every hari raya festivals, we'll go back to Penang (my parent's hometown) and stay at Tokmama & Tokbaba's place. After the 2nd hari raya, in the afternoon Uncle Man will play Michael's vinyl on his famous 'Beat It' and 'Billy Jean' and my cousins and me (the kids) will dance at the living-hall with all the uncles including papa....gosh!! Its been soo long. I'm glad i was exposed to his music at that time.

I'm glad i grew up with his music that has become a worldwide phenomena. It was surreal but bee n I were so happy when he made a concert in MALAYSIA, we were there!! Hubby kept the concert ticket stub, History World Tour in 1996 and the concert were juz superb!! Altho he lip-sync at that time but it doesn't matter cos the entertainment were juz awesome & spectacular....we couldn't believe that Michael was there & that we were there!!!

He was accused of many unpleasant things (I know for sure the 'white-people' are juz jealous of his success and wanna bring him down). But MJ kept on fighting & kept on living. Yes, some said he's a freak etc, but i'm juz happy with his music, he the Greatest Entertainer and Performer ever lived and his music will live forever.

May he rest in PEACE. He will be missed.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

My first phsyiotherapy

Two and a half months ago, while i was on company's trip to Seoul, i sprained my ankle when i was walking (up or down, i can't remember) at Nami Island. The cobbled stone walkway was uneven, so i guess i sprained during the walking. It was quite bad becos when we finished our tour, my left ankle will be badly swallon. It was painfull i tell ya....but nak jalan punye pasal....i juz didn't put my mind to it. Of course every nite i will suffer from a swallon ankle. I took a pic of the swallon left-ankle, it hurts during sleeping time...gosh...how i suffered at that time.

When i came back to KL, the pain has subside and i didn't go for check-up thinking that it will juz heal by itself....hahahah...wanna self-heal lah konon but the pain come and go and sometimes its 'on' and 'off'.

Alas, decided to see a specialist. A colleage recommended Dr. Suresh George from SMC. He is a very gentle and nice doc. Its my first time at SMC too....nice place. After some physical-examination by d doc and an x-ray, alhamdulilah, i have no torn ligamen or any major ailment. Doc sent me for a 6 course of physiotherapy, some medication to be taken orally and ointment to be applied everyday. I loike his office, its sooo peaceful.

Today is my first physiotherapy....i got a time-off from work. Appointment is at 4pm. A physiotherapist attended to me. This is my left ankle, behind is the ultrasound machine. The therapist said it needed an ultrasound treatment.

He explained that it is therapeutic. Before an ultrasound is being done, an ultrasound gel had to be applied on the skin. Ultrasound is applied by using a round-headed wand that is then put in direct contact with my skin and being kept in constant motion for about 3-5 minutes. I do not feel discomfort at all.

It is being told that ultrasound produced many effects other then just being a heating effect, it supposed to increase tissue relaxation and increase blood flow. With the increase of blood flow, it can help reduce swelling and chronic inflammation. Ultrasound is used for minor fractions, muscle spasm and joint swelling. I was advised to go for physiotherapy for another 6 more times more. I'm due every week. Hospital will provide a 'time-off' slip for me, so i'll will be going for therapy at 4pm every week till i complete the course. I'm also being advised to soak my left-ankle in luke-warm water everynite....which i haven't been doing yet..hehehe...

I hated going to hospital alone, so i made sure my other half is there for me...hehehe...

Monday, June 22, 2009

Lynn's Cafe

Took half day today, I had an appointment to see an orthopaedic at Sunwy MC at 2pm. I was famished and its a lucky day for us cos we got a parking space...in Subang Jaya!!! So we ate at this place which we've seen a few times but never had the chance to eat, Lynn's Cafe.

Bee checked first whether they have this logo or not...

Ahbee ordered a set luch of grilled chicken n fish which goes with mash-potatoes and salad. It comes with ice-lemon tea. Hubs enjoyed the dish.

I ordered Green Curry Laksa and i choose mihun as my noodle of choice plus Kiwi drink. It was sorait lah.

The place is clean & quite nice, i'm sure a lot of students goes there for lunch cos the restaurant has 10% discounts for students. Overall the pricing is okey. But since parking is not that easy to get especially during peak hours, i don't tink i'll be able to go here again.
Lynn's Cafe
No. 6 Jalan SS15/4
47500 Subang Jaya
Tel : 03-5637 3894

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Its not meatloaf...its chicken-loaf

Another recipe from the MAMI book which i've tried.

Roti Bakar Belauk
Bahan-bahan A
200gm daging kisar - dibersih & ditoskan in this case, i'm using minced chicken
4 sudu makan minyak masak
1sudu makan serbuk rempah daging
1 sudu teh serbuk rempah garam masala
3tangkai daun sup
3 tangkai daun bawang
8hm halia ] ditumbuk
6 ulas bawang merah ] ditumbuk
3 ulas bawang putih ] ditumbuk
1 sudu makan gula pasir, serbuk perasa dan garam secukup rasa
Air secukupnya

Cara membuatnya
Campurkan rempah daging dan serbuk rempah garam masala dengan bahan yang ditumbuk. Bubuh setengah cawan air dan dikacau hingga rata

Panaskan minyak dalam kuali. Tumiskan campuran rempah tadi hingga berbau.

Masukan daging dan dikacau hingga rata. Kemudian masukan secawan air dan masak hingga daging lembut.

Setelah hampir kering, masukan garam, gula pasir dan serbuk perasa. Masukan pula daun bawang dan daun sup. Masak lagi hingga kering seperti masak inti karipap.

Bahan-bahan B

8 keping roti
2 cawan santan
1/2 cawan air
1 sudu makan marjerin
1/2 sudu teh serbuk lada hitam
4 biji telur ] dipukul hingga kembang
Garam secukup rasa

Cara membuat
Roti dikoyakkan kecil-kecil dan direndam dalam santan. Masukan telur dan dikacau rata.

Kemudian masukan bahan (A) yang sudah dimasak tadi. Diikuti dengan garam, lada hitam dan marjerin. Gaulkan hingga bercampur rata.

Sapukan sedikit marjerin pada mangkuk kaserol. Bubuhkan adunan roti tadi. Bakar di dalam ketuhar 180" hingga masak.

Keluarkan dan biarkan ia sejuk. Hiaskan dengan bawang goreng, cili merah dan daun bawang. Hidangkan dengan sos cili.

This is the results of the chicken meatloaf after you cut it.. My parents enjoyed it...i kinda liked it too. I thinks is good for tea-time and supper-time.

Mama's birthday & Papa's day

We celebrated my mom's belated birthday dinner & Father's day at Tramcar. Its my parent's and my bro & wife first time there. We juz ordered a mix of local and western dishes. After dinner, we adjouned to my parents house.

I brought chicken meatloaf for supper. Cousin gave a marble cake which she bought from a bakery in KJ. Since the cake is plain lookin, i made chocolate topping and asked a bakery store to put some wordings on top of it, hehehe and it taste good too.

At home we prepared supper and wished our parents. Then presented to them a gift which they have to share. Thanks to my sis-inlaw who helped get the hotel voucher at a steal and i helped wrapped it in a nice gift box...with a butterfly on it...hehehe..

Papa...goofing around with mama.

We gave them a 3D/2N stay at Deluxe, Garden View at Swiss Garden Golf Resort & Spa, Lumut, Perak. Its a good thing, my parents have never been to the hotel before.

We're sooo glad that my parents loved their gifts. This year, all of us were numbfounded....donno what else to give our parents but this one turned out good, alhandulilah.

I told them to use the voucher before the fasting month. Mama said she's been wanting to go somewhere juz to relax and this is a timely gift. She's happy she get to stay there 2 nites cos she said they'll have one day to take a boat to go to Pangkor Island.

May they both be blessed with good health, long life and lotsa happiness.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ayam Masak Briyani & Acar Rampai

Yesterday i voluntered to cook 2 dishes and bring it to my parents. I made 'Ayam Masak Beriyani' and 'Acar Rampai'. All from the Mami recipe book which my anty from Kuching recommended.

The recipe is easy. For chicken, it doesn't use coconut-milk and the 'acar-rampai' is loaded with vege & shallots & garlic which i loike.

I will give the recipe in bahasa melayu (as the book is in bahasa melayu), i'm too lazy to do translations, hehehe.

Ayam Masak Beriyani
Bahan- bahan :

1 ekor ayam - dipotong & dibersihkan
Kalau daging 600gm - dipotong 4
3 biji tomatoes ] dihiris
2 biji cili hijau ] dihiris
2 senduk minyak masak
1 sudu makan minyak sapi
1/2 cawan susu cair (kalau nak guna santan pun boleh)
1 sudu teh gula pasir
1 helai daun pandan
15 ulas bawang merah (dibuat bawang goreng)
1cm kulit kayu manis ] bahan penumis
3 biji buah pelaga ] bahan penumis
3 kelopak bunga lawang ] bahan penumis
3 ulas bawang merah - dihiris
Sedikit daun pudina
Sedikit daun ketumbar

Sedikit serbuk perasa & garam secukup rasa

Bahan-bahan (A) dikisar :-
1 1/2 sudu makan rempah kari daging
1 1/2 sudu teh rempah beriani
8 ulas bawang merah
5 ulas bawang putih
10gm halia

Cara Membuat :-

Panaskan minyak sapi dan minyak masak dlm periuk. Tumiskan bwg merah yg dihiris hingga kuning. Masukkan bahan penumis dan dikacau rata.

Kemudian masukan bahan (A) dan dikacau hingga rata. Bubuh air sedikit-sedikit sambil dikacau hingga haring dan berbau wangi.

Masukan ayam, tomato dan cili hijau. Kacau selama 2-3 minit. Kemudian masukan 2 1/2 cawan air dan masak lagi hingga ayam lembut.

Kemudian masukan susu cair, garam, serbuk perasa dan gula pasir. Kacau rata. Masukan pula daun pudina, bawang goreng dan daun ketumbar.

Masak hingga kuahnya pekat. Tutupkan api.

This is how it turns out to be. It can be better, i need lotsa practise to make tis dish to be perfect.

Acar Rampai

Bahan-bahan :
1 biji timun - dipotong 1 1/2cm & dihiris kasar
1 biji lobak merah - dipotong 1 1/2cm & dihiris kasar
2 biji cili merah - dibelah 2 & dihiris panjang
2 biji cili hijau - dibelah 2 & dihiris panjang
2cm halia - dihiris
8 ulas bawang merah - dibelah 2
8 ulas bawang putih - dibelah 2

Semua bahan di atas direndam dgn air kapur selama 30minit. Tapiskan airnya.

1/2 cawan cuka untuk masakan
4 sudu makan minyak masak
2 sudu makan gula pasir
1 sudu makan biji sawi
3/4 sudu teh kunyin serbuk - dibancuh sedikit air
Garam secukup rasa

Cara Membuat :-
Panaskan minyak dlm kuali. Masukan biji sawi dan goreng sekejap.
Kemudian masukan bancuhan serbuk kunyit dan goreng sekejap.
Seterusnya masukan cuka, gula pasir dan sedikit garam. Kacau hingga rata.

Akhir sekali masukan semua bahan yg direndam tadi. Gaulkan hingga rata di atas api dan angkat.