Friday, June 26, 2009

A shocking news

Tis morning as we woke up, we were jolted by a shocking news, d King of Pop has passed away. Disbelief, surprised, dumbfounded, shocked, etc were all mixed up. We quickly turn-on CNN and they've confirmed the news.

Those who were born in d 70's and grew up with MJ's songs will feel it (if they're a fan lah). The world has lost a legend!! Nobody does what he did. He's a great dancer, singer, choreographer, philanthropist etc.

I remembered when i was in my primary, every hari raya festivals, we'll go back to Penang (my parent's hometown) and stay at Tokmama & Tokbaba's place. After the 2nd hari raya, in the afternoon Uncle Man will play Michael's vinyl on his famous 'Beat It' and 'Billy Jean' and my cousins and me (the kids) will dance at the living-hall with all the uncles including papa....gosh!! Its been soo long. I'm glad i was exposed to his music at that time.

I'm glad i grew up with his music that has become a worldwide phenomena. It was surreal but bee n I were so happy when he made a concert in MALAYSIA, we were there!! Hubby kept the concert ticket stub, History World Tour in 1996 and the concert were juz superb!! Altho he lip-sync at that time but it doesn't matter cos the entertainment were juz awesome & spectacular....we couldn't believe that Michael was there & that we were there!!!

He was accused of many unpleasant things (I know for sure the 'white-people' are juz jealous of his success and wanna bring him down). But MJ kept on fighting & kept on living. Yes, some said he's a freak etc, but i'm juz happy with his music, he the Greatest Entertainer and Performer ever lived and his music will live forever.

May he rest in PEACE. He will be missed.

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