Thursday, June 11, 2009

Restoran Di Naina

After office last week, both of us went to Carr4 to buy some groceries. After buying some stuff, we're both sooo hungry. Wondering what we can eat there since most of the eateries are fast-food. Saw tis place calle 'De Naina', no doubt its a 'mamak's restaurant lah.

The place is just outside the hypermarket. It has 2 sections, aircondition and for smoker's zone. The seats in the airconditiong room is nice and cozy. They've got lots of variety food from mamak style cooking, malay cooking to Thailand foodies to claypot stuff.

I ordered their garlic naan which is very thin and nice. But the 'ayam masak merah' was just so-so. Bee ordered white rice with ikan pari masak asam which is Portugese style and its taste good.

Overall, the place is okey lah.

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