Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Eating & Gathering with colleagues

Its time of the year again, our 2nd cycle conference where all colleagues from all branches come down to KL for trainings and meetings.

Its time of the year where i have to wake up extremely early to be extra extra early for the registration. This year we had cheerleaders for our entertainment. I 'sempat' took pic with them, hehehe....they won d championship this year. After the half-day prelemenary session, most of the central colleagues will go back to the office while the sales and marketing colleagues stay on for trainings.

The team-dinner is in Bubba at SPyramid. I booked for 14pax and they put us in the Bubba room where we had some privacy. Its my first time at Bubba SP. Of course there were plenty of food and plenty of catching-up.

I organised a birthday celebration for one of the colleagues who's based in KK. Didn't think that she'll be a sport....boy, was i wrong! She was sportty!! Loved her attitude. BGump staff sang for her and she cool-ly climb on d chair and 'shake-d-bootty' man!! Plus Bubba gave let us share 2 pans of ice-cream cookies on d house.

Before leaving, took a group photo (1st time) and everybody left home with bloated tummies.

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