Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Most ladies i know, lurvee handbags. Most of my frens, aunties, my mom!! and cuzin N can't resist buying handbags...altho they have hundreds in their collection oredi. I love handbags too....and shoes....and cotton candy...

Not only that i loved handbags...but also loved reading about it or looking at the latest designs in mags/newspapers or looking up in blogs on some updated ones or looking it on blogs whether you can get it at a steal. My eyes juz sparkle if the topics is about handbags!!

For Secretaries Day last month, all PA's in our company were given rm200 Park*on voucher...guess lah what i did to it? I bought a handbag...hahaha....nothing's new. I'm looking for a weekend handbag...something casual and simple.

Huby took me to all the Park*on you can find in Klang valley, hehehe....u name it, OU, S.Prde, S.Pymd, Pavi, KLC, everywhere that has Park*on!! At last my search is completed.
Its from our local brand Sem*onia. As usual, black colour lah...hahaha...no way i'm gonna choose other then black....yeah i know what u guys gonna say, boring...hehehe..

The promoter who sold me tis handbag is very nice. She gave me a free-gift, a 'mushroom' key chain which i attached it to the handbag handle. Since its on sale, i only paid RM15 for the bag...hehehe...

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