Monday, June 01, 2009

I did some cooking last weekend

Last sunday, i went to my parents house in the morning. The nite before, i told my mom not to make anyting for breakfast cos i'm gonna make someting.

An aunty from Kuching has recommended me a cooking book. She said she had tried making a lot of dishes from the book and everything turns out well. Since she recomended me to buy one, i bought one at last!!

There is one recipe called "Roti Mustafa". What is that? Its is something like a murtabak but smaller version. You can use any karipaf filling for it. The skin uses only flour, eggs and water. Once u fried it, this is how it turned out. I used mashed sardines, potatoes and lotsa onion. Use curry powder and salt for taste.

On Saturday nite, i make pudding...Cendol Pudding. Got tis recipe for another aunty from Kota Bharu. She said she make tis pudding and people start to take orders from her cos its nice. Its not that difficult to make. I juz use less sugar and my parents kinda liked it. I personally tink its sorait lar. Its good to eat chilled and on a hot day. Put it in your mouth while your eyes closed, felt like eating cendol...hehehe....

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