Saturday, May 30, 2009

I cooked on friday

Hey...its a big deal for me okey. In my very stressed time in d ofis, i had time to cook last nite. But it was a simple dish....healthy one i hope...hehehe

I juz saute some garlic & shallots, put is some chicken breasts (which has been sliced) and put in water. Let it boil and put in potatoes. In another pot, boil macaroni till cooked. Once boiled, put in macaroni and brocolli. Salt to taste. No MSG and no chicken granules. Juz plain soup.

Before serve, put in fried shallots (which i make myself) and chopped spring onion. Thats all for dinner. Actually huby requested for this dish...its my first time making it. Taste okeylah.

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