Thursday, May 28, 2009

Healthy Food??

Last week, a colleague of mine promoted this place. She said lets go for some healthy food for a change. She went to tis place with her sister and said that its worth d try.

Here we are!! Ordering a set meal meal each which comes with fruit juice-smoothie and dessert. You won't miss this place if you are in S.Parade. Its is right in the middle of the mall.

The food was okey. . Each of us ordered different set-meals. Its mostly hot wraps which they use smoked chicken breast and lotsa tomotoes. onion & other veges for filling. Its like eating soft crepes with savories filling.

I only don't fancy their salad which i gave it to another colleages. I probably don't like the balsamic oil that goes with the salad. But to the other the salad was sorait.

The juice is said to be healthy cos they don't use sugar and they blend the whole thing together, i had grape-smoothie by the way.

But the best of all is their dessert. I had Oreo Cheese and i must compliment their cheese, way delicious!! I must find time to got there again and juz go for its Oreo Cheese...hehehe...yummylicious!!

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