Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Bee

Today bee turns 39. I hoped and prayed for his good health, wealth & happiness. "Semoga panjang umur & murah rezeki & sihat selalu".
I took leave today and prepared a light breakfast. Later went to the clinic to get bee's medicine changed. The earlier medicine that he was taking doesn't suit him.

Since we're were hungry and cannot wait any longer, we went to the nearest place where we could find food. The only place available was chicken rice shop and we end up in S.Recipe. I had the black-pepper grilled chicken and bee had cream-herb grilled chicken (without salt also, sedap lah). I ordered for him fruit juice. Its either fruit juice with less sugar or plain water for him from now on. No caffinated drinks and no carbonated drinks.

Later we all jalan-jalan to One Utama. Didn't go for too long cos bee is not that well yet so we head back home to rest.

8:00pm, we all went to tokmak's house to fetch my aunty and cuzin. They treated us for bee's birthday at Tramcar. The 3 of us girls, had local and we forced b'day boy to eat western, hehehe. And so he ordered barbeque fish without salt to go with his tomyam soup without salt too. A.miah had mihun goreng, cuzin fairos had her 'asyik-asyik nasi-goreng' and i had mihun-soup which taste is still consistant. After meal, a.miah & fairos forced us to order ice-cream...we succumbed to it lar...i ordered banana-split which i ate 3 quarter portion of it!! Then the restaurant gave each of us complimentary bubur-cha-cha (knowing that its someone's bday)...which is sedap, none-too sweet but yummy!!

After dinner we all had kopi pak sarip at tokmak's house. It was a low-key celebration for bee. Thank you all for the birthday wishes and lovely gifts.

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