Sunday, May 17, 2009

Qaseh Restaurant & Big Bad Book Sale

Yesterday morning we wanted to tryout this place for breakfast. Its juz behind Tesco Extra, shahalam. We read about its review in some mag sumtime back. They have a buffet line of breakfast foodie, eg. nasi lemak, bubur nasi, mihun/mee/kuewteow goreng, cereals etc.

Nice ambiance but since we're in a rush to go back Seremban, i didn't had the chance to ask the waiter what they serve for lunch & dinner. There's plenty of space to sit, indoor or outdoor, its your choice.

I juz had a mixed of mihun/mee/kuewteow goreng with its sambal. Bee had lontong. Food boleh tahanlah. The place pun not a bad. Altho there's plenty of varieties in its menu but most of it has finished cos i think many customers came much earlier to have bfast.

After breafast, we all went to checkout the Big Bad Wolf book sale in Jalan 14/34 PJ. Tis is what i got.... They have tonnes of books for sale....i juz wished i have d time to go thru all...yeah, maybe next time.

Even bought a 'last-minute' recipe book for MIL as a Mother's day gift. Didn't get a chance to see her last week. Since she has a massive collection of recipe book, i'd thot i'd add in some 'collector's item' for her collection. Its the Anita Sarawak, Cooking with Love, i got it at a steal!! I'm glad that she loved it.

Here's some pic of my mom-inlaws collection are from her room....tis is juz d room, belum lagi masuk other places where she keeps her book. Maybe next time, i'll blog about her collection.

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